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The writer is a Chicago-based journalist, author and filmmaker

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In India’s changed polity, it is now clearly Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi

Nearly 20 years Modi’s junior, Gandhi now has the opportunity to directly counterbalance a prime minister who for ten years since 2014 lorded over legislative actions because no opposition party had managed to win the required 10 per cent of the 543 parliamentary seats.

Dalai Lama in the US: Opportunity for Biden in election year to make a statement to China as India watches

From the Indian standpoint Prime Minister Modi may like to keep the Tibetan issue on the foreign policy agenda of his third term while dealing with a recalcitrant China. Its particular reference to the Tibetan issue remaining unresolved in accordance with international law may provide some opening to New Delhi to work on given the historical…

India's election seen as a moral defeat for Modi despite his alliance’s victory

In many ways, once the final figures are certified, the 2024 election will be remembered as one where India’s hundreds of millions of ordinary people, a large percentage of them in grave economic distress, voted to create a stronger opposition of the kind they would like against an out-of-control prime minister.

US disinclined to jeopardize India ties over alleged plot to kill Sikh separatist

It is obvious that the U.S. sees India as perhaps its most important strategic relationship not just in Asia but even globally in the context of an increasingly assertive China.

Gandhi to Modi: The debasement of India’s political discourse

Contrast this exchange against the utterly crass and debased rhetoric, both during the election season and otherwise, that India’s political and cultural leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, employ.

Will India's high youth joblessness impact election outcome?

How the 215.8 million under 30 might vote in the seven-phase election would be a compelling trend to watch.

Gandhi’s extraordinary idea of trusteeship of wealth at a time of vulgar ostentation

In a chapter titled “Choice before Capitalists”, Gandhi writes, “At present, there is no proportion between the wholly unnecessary pomp and extravagance of the moneyed class and the squalid surroundings and the grinding pauperism of the ryots in whose midst the former are living.”

Ghazal king Pankaj Udhas: A soft, reassuring emblem of diaspora yearning

For diaspora Indians around the world, Udhas became an emblem of their pining for their home back in India with his 1986 raging hit “Chitthi Aayi Hai” from the movie ‘Naam’, written by Anand Bakshi and composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

Macbeth on the banks of the Sabarmati

Sharply directed by Massimiliano Troiani, Sarabhai’s ‘Macbeth’ is an allegorical musical interpretation of this Shakespearean classic about power at any cost.

Ameen Sayani: The father of radio entertainment in the Indian subcontinent

Since his was the only hit parade of its kind for at least two and half decades, Sayani became a formidable name within the Hindi cinema industry.