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Is Pakistan playing with fire by aligning clandestinely with the ISK?

The growing camaraderie between Pakistan’s military and the ISK  poses a threat to the entire South Asian region.

Pakistan-Afghanistan border friction continues to be haunted by the divisive Durand Line

While the contentious Durand Line has become one of the main reasons for cross-border skirmishes between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Taliban has turned from being seen as an ideological ally that can give Pakistan 'strategic depth' against India, to a troublesome neighbour that is now viewed with deep suspicion.

Pakistan: Will it remain a democracy in uniform?

The Pakistani military went all out to deliver this vote. Its idea to have direct control of the political situation to what it comprehends will bring stability to Pakistan’s crisis may be a pipe dream with a fractured verdict leaving Pakistan open to elements that will only compound its instability.

A targeted military operation to purge Kashmir Valley of terrorists

During Operation Sarpvinash, several terror bases containing large food storage, communications devices, arms, ammunition, and even medicines were destroyed. With the kind of supplies and the discovery of a large number of bunkers during Operation Sarpvinash, there was some comparison to the infiltrations India saw during the Kargil War.

The long march to Islamabad: Pakistan's persecuted Baloch community hit the road for justice

The judiciary, media, human rights activists and Baloch nationalist parties have almost exhausted their efforts in trying to persuade international institutions to intervene and end the sustained atrocities against the people of Balochistan.

Israel bans Lashkar-e-Taiba: Time for concerted global action

With the Hamas attack on the Israeli music festival on October 7, it is no surprise that Israel, after years of not acting against the LeT, took action this year. It is possible that this gesture was initiated to garner support from India, which could eventually lead to India banning Hamas as well.

Islamic State's expanding footprints pose grave security threat to Pakistan and South Asia

While Pakistan continues to blame India for the bombings in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,  it fails to introspect on its own internal crisis stemming from its policies against its citizens and the military/political support being given to certain radical outfits or groups.

Pakistan: Military rule by proxy continues and will continue

It is apparent the Pakistani military is the sole decision-maker for Pakistan and the arbiter of its destiny. The probability of a prolonged interim government under caretaker PM Kakar is a strong possibility during which time the Pakistani military will call the shots through its puppet figure. 

Crisis-ridden Pakistan battles an Afghan dilemma

The ISKP’s current objective is to prevent the Taliban from accomplishing its objective as a government in Kabul and prevent it from fulfilling its promises to the Afghan people. In order to achieve this, ISIS/ISKP will continue to target not just Taliban fighters but also nations that may have alliances with the Taliban government, such as…

China's ethnocide and the transborder implications of the Uyghur Muslim unrest

Following the attack on a mosque in Kunduz, Afghanistan on October 8, 2021, ISK confirmed the recruitment and mobilization of Uyghur fighters. This was the first time that the alliance between IS-K and Uyghurs was affirmed by IS-K on media platforms.