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Can military talks between Bangladesh and Myanmar be a prelude to larger solutions?

Improved military ties between Bangladesh and Myanmar can aid in the smoothing of ties and the resolution of long-standing issues such as the Rohingya crisis, maritime disputes, and trans-border crimes. 

Sheikh Hasina's mango diplomacy with Pakistan; Islamabad must reset ties with Dhaka

Fifty years after the separation of what was then East and West Pakistan in 1971, the exchange of mangoes is a sign that friendly ties between Pakistan and Bangladesh are possible, writes Samina Akhter for South Asia Monitor

Are Hindus being persecuted in Bangladesh? Facts belie prevailing narratives

Unlike Myanmar and India, Bangladesh has never, particularly since 1991, promoted any discriminatory policy against minorities, writes Samina Akhter for South Asia Monitor

Now Bangladesh to aid Kabul beat hunger and disease

Bangladesh – which has in recent times extended loans to Sri Lanka and the Maldives – is also home to about 1.1 million forcibly displaced Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, writes Samina Akhter for South Asia Monitor