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Beena Sarwar

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The writer blogs at Journeys to Democracy. She is Editor Aman Ki Asha and curator South Asia Peace Action Network, Sapan southasiapeace.

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Sri Lankan vignette: Grassroots education thrives amid rural poverty

With free education for all between five to 16 years instituted since 1945, Sri Lanka boasts the highest literacy rate, nearly 99 per cent , in the South Asian region.

Noam Chomsky: A legend who provides a moral compass to global causes

He was unfailingly generous in lending his name in support of the causes I and others reached out to him for, endorsing resolutions ranging from human rights and democracy to peace between India and Pakistan. In 2018 he joined many public intellectuals in urging Bangladesh to …

Zia Mohyeddin: Mourning the passing away of a progressive Pakistani poet and theatre artiste

Pakistan’s progressive movement revolved largely around the great poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, whose work Zia Mohyeddin so eloquently recited in his signature style, his distinctive, gravelly voice set him apart from others. 

A Pakistani media legend bows out (1952-2022): He was a champion of the underdog

His creativity included Aman Ki Asha, the ‘hope for peace’ project between Pakistan and India for which he penned the groundbreaking joint editorial, as well as other projects for education and rational thinking.

Cross-border literary exchange: When Indian and Pakistani teen authors met online

Pahal Wasu, 15, from Noida near New Delhi, who now lives in Sydney, and Aminah Alavi, 17, of Karachi turned teen authors after attending schools with good libraries, backed by families which enouraged them to read

Beyond borders: A tribute to Sara Suleri

Sara’s name is on Sapan’s Founding Charter calling on South Asian nations to institute soft borders and a visa-free South Asia

Working for an 'Oasis of Peace' between India and Pakistan

The upcoming meeting of Indian and Pakistani Rotary Club members and others at Kartarpur this week highlights Rotarian efforts to develop an Indus Peace Park near the Kartarpur entrance writes Beena Sarwar for South Asia Monitor 

Of marriages and separations across the Pakistan-India border: Visa issues keep brides and grooms apart

This is the story of Ganpat Singh from Pakistan’s Sodha Rajput community. Like him, each member of this half a million strong community has matrimonial linkages across the border in Rajasthan, India, writes Beena Sarwar for South Asia Monitor 

The spirit of South Asia: Remembering Kamla Bhasin

Sapan is a coalition of individuals and organisations that places India-Pakistan relations in a regional context and calls for a visa-free South Asia

How climate change is linked to the continuing tragedy of Pakistani and Indian fishermen callously ignored by both nations

India and Pakistan’s toxic official relations continue to take a human toll and hold South Asia hostage even as the region deals with the crisis of climate change which includes fish migration patterns