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Arun Anand

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The author is CEO, Indraprastha Vishwa Samvad Kendra and has authored books on RSS

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Ram Temple was necessary to re-establish traditional Hindu values

The struggle for building a Ram Temple should be seen as a clash between civilizational values, writes Arun Anand for South Asia Monitor 

Post-COVID-19: RSS sees an ascendant India in changed world order

RSS remains quite optimistic about the way the new world order is going to pan out post-COVID-19. It feels that it is the beginning of a new golden era for India, writes Arun Anand for South Asia Monitor

Modi government balancing structural reforms with ideological commitments

The 'tax charter' ushers India into a new era where the rights of taxpayers in terms of imposition and payment of taxes are recognized for the first time, writes Arun Anand for South Asia Monitor

Modi's ‘high-risk’ coup could yield rich dividends in Jammu & Kashmir

Those who have closely watched Modi believe that the prime minister wanted to give a clear signal that his government would be in a pro-active mode to handle long pending issues, writes Arun Anand for South Asia Monitor