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The author is Chairman, TERRE Policy Centre and former Director UNEP

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Climate crisis is on us: World has little to lose on climate finance agreement

If the world is not to waste this opportunity to declare an all-out war on the looming climate crisis, climate negotiators need to ‘huddle together’ with urgency to save ourselves from the scorching temperatures, devastating wildfires, deadly floods and other climate extremes of the future.  

Climate crisis does not figure in India's election campaign! Modi must mobilise youth for climate action

Accelerated climate action would continue if Modi retains his leadership after the election. Expansion of solar and wind infrastructure and enhanced investment in green hydrogen and electrical vehicles have already been announced in the interim budget presented recently.

Sand to sustainability: Dubai’s historic COP28

The word ‘just transition’ is not just about the historic climate injustice done to developing countries, but it also secures the rights and livelihood of workers working on old energy systems that would change to new systems

Hopes and expectations from COP28: The world is at a tipping point on climate change

What happens in COP28 on Dubai’s climate conference battleground in the first half of December 2023 may not result in bloodshed but its consequences could be drenched in blood, mass migration, and starvation.

Modi meets Macron: World needs transformational diplomacy, not transactional diplomacy

Macron and Modi should shun transactional diplomacy that engages in multi-billion dollar agreements for military fighter jets and machinery, nuclear reactors and pharmaceutical products. Instead, they should embrace some transformational diplomacy to make the planet sustainable again.

Climate crisis: A ticking time bomb that the world can ignore at its own peril

The warning is not only coming with unusual certainty but there is a clearer message that the world is failing in its pursuit to meet the Paris Climate Agreement.

Can Modi seize the moment at G20? India can be the global changemaker and climate pioneer

Modi should invite as special guests the literally-sinking SIDS - Vanuatu, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Singapore - as special guests to G20 along with former Maldivian president and present Majlis (parliament) speaker Mohamed Nasheed and Erick Solheim, former environment minister of Norway, who strongly connects South Asia’s climate future to…

Oil magnet to lead the global conference to phase out oil? UAE has a unique opportunity to show the way: An Indian perspective

Dr Al Jaber has been awarded the Champion of the Earth award from UNEP.  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi conferred on him a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to energy security, building bridges to emerging Asian economies, and reshaping traditional energy business models.

50 Years of climate negotiation: Two daydreams and seven nightmares sum up COP-27

As of December 2022, the total dues to developing countries by developed countries stand at about USD 1 trillion whereas only about USD 10 billion have been disbursed through Green Climate Fund till now.

COP27: Should South Asia learn from Africa?

Taking a cue from Africa, can South Asian countries conduct strategic and collective consultations to build a nest?