Admiral Arun Prakash (retd)

Admiral Arun Prakash (retd)

About Admiral Arun Prakash (retd)

The author is a former Chief of the Indian Navy and Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee

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Need for reinventing India’s aeronautical industry

Fifty years of bitter experience should prompt the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to initiate a major paradigm-shift in India's defence-industrial programmes, writes Admiral Arun Prakash (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Netaji Subhas Bose: A nationalist, a pragmatist, a military icon

India’s struggle for independence from British imperialism was one of the few conflicts in our history that can be termed as a ‘national struggle’

India beefs up air force with indigenous fighter jets: Dawn of a new era in military self-reliance

The most crucial justification for acquiring home-grown and home-built hardware is the military’s expectation that overhaul and replacement of parts, as well as repair of battle damage will be undertaken by the domestic industry in a most expeditious manner, writes Admiral Arun Prakash (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Chuck Yeager: Aviation legend who batted for the Pakistan Air Force

In the course of his advisory duties, Yeager had made good friends in the higher echelons of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), and within a short period, he fell prey to an affliction, known, amongst diplomats, as ‘localitis,’ i.e, a deep sympathy, verging on identification, with the host country and its people, writes Admiral Arun Prakash…

Whither self-reliance in defence hardware? Need for complete revamp of India's DTIB

India’s political establishment seems to have utterly failed to appreciate the need for self-sufficiency in military hardware. Consequently, no roadmap or grand strategy has ever been drawn up, for attaining autonomy in defence-production, writes Admiral Arun Prakash (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Right time to usher in reforms in India's Armed Forces

The armed forces, after decades of clamouring, have been accorded a historic opportunity to usher in change and reforms. It is imperative that this opening is utilized with sagacity and deliberate forethought writes  Admiral  Arun Prakash (retd) for the South Asia Monitor

Credible deterrence must remain leitmotif of India’s security policies

The creation of a CDS cannot (and must not) be an isolated action because it carries with it a whole new ecosystem that can transform India’s national security paradigm. writes Admiral Arun Prakash (retd) for South Asia Monitor