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Bhutan government scraps Five Year Plan, irks opposition party

The Bhutan government discontinued the practice of drafting the Five-Year-Plan - a practice that they had picked up from India which itself had discontinued them from 2014 - for development and resource allocations, a move that irked the main opposition party which said the decision would have “huge” implications

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Virtually extinct in rest of South Asia, world’s rarest heron on the brink in Bhutan

The 2021 survey of the critically endangered white-bellied heron in Bhutan indicates numbers have fallen compared with 2020

Bhutan vaccinating children between 12 -18 years

Bhutan has become the first South Asian country to start vaccinating its children against the Covid-19 virus

Bhutan, with excellent communication strategy, vaccinates 85 percent of its people above 18 years

Bhutan has administered second doses of vaccine to almost 85 percent of people who are above the age of 18 years in a week-long inspired vaccination drive that has gained it international attention

Bhutan allows OTT platforms to self regulate content

In a liberal measure seen as beneficial to the country's growing creative industry, digital content on OTT platforms in Bhutan will not need to go through the existing reviews and certification process as the country’s National Film Commission Secretariat (NFCS) has exempted these platforms from such filtering

Bhutan begins second phase of vaccination drive; aims to target 500,000 people

Bhutan has started the second phase of the national immunization drive on Tuesday and planned to administer the second dose of vaccines to over 500,000 people

Bhutanese teacher gets 30-year prison sentence for molesting students

A 56-year-old teacher in Bhutan was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a district court for allegedly molesting ten of his students in a primary school

UNDP supports Bhutan in increasing agricultural productivity

Bhutan, with support from the United Nations Development Program, has begun agriculture projects to increase winter vegetable production and also creating green jobs to boost the government’s food security initiatives

Bangladesh now knocks on Russia’s doors seeking help in Rohingya repatriation

As part of its global reach-out to ensure the repatriation of the Rohingya Muslim refugees, Bangladesh has sought Russia's "active and fruitful cooperation" for facilitating the reintegration and return of the Rohingyas to their homeland in Myanmar

Bhutan to use vaccines in mix and match method

Despite the warning from the WHO against mixing and matching Covid-19 vaccines, Bhutan has decided to go ahead with the mix-matching mode of vaccination for the second dose

Bhutan now has surplus vaccines; US sends 500,000 Moderna vaccines doses

Bhutan has now secured surplus Covid-19 vaccines as the United States confirmed donating 500,000 vaccines to the country

Our journey will not end with second dose of vaccine: Bhutan health minister

Bhutanese Health Minister Dechen Wangmo has said that the government was considering some relaxation after the completion of the second phase of the vaccination drive

Bhutan set to become first country to vaccinate all

Bhutan is set to become the world’s first country to vaccinate all its eligible population by this month’s end

Bhutan plans for 100 percent enrollment in early childhood care by 2030

In what seems an ambitious target, the Bhutan government is aiming for 100 percent enrollment for the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) by 2030. The country, currently, has just 24 percent

Bhutan likely to begin second round of vaccination before month-end

Bhutan’s Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering has said that the second dose of Covid-19 vaccination would be given before the end of the 16th week after the first dose

'Bhutan needs to build institutions that can make country an education hub'

Border closure, travel restrictions and Covid-19 vaccine passport systems have limited the higher education opportunities for thousands of Bhutanese students who finished higher secondary school this year