Photo: Students of Tamil and Hindi schools gather to singh national anthems at the Flag Hoisting-ceremony and are seen with Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons, state officials and GOPIO-CT organizers

Connecticut General Assembly honors India on its 75th anniversary

Connecticut General Assembly issued a citation honoring the India Day Celebration and presented it to GOPIO-CT

‘Anti-Shia hatred’ may be behind serial killings of Muslims in US

The nationality of Syed has not been disclosed by officials, but the possibility of anti-Shia killings in the US could indicate that the religious turmoil in Pakistan and Afghanistan where Sunni terrorist groups target Shias has reached the US

A South Asian poetic giant tours North America: A creative fountainhead for whom 'dreams have no frontiers'

Gulzar’s poetry continues to win more attention than his extensive directorial work. But most remarkable is his unquenchable thirst and capacity for work

Pakistan, US launch health dialogue to boost cooperation

The initiative comes at a time when Pakistan and the US are trying to revive impaired bilateral relations by broadening cooperation and extending beyond the security domain in fields like health, food, commerce and trade


Rights activists demand arrest of Gotabaya Rajapaksa in Singapore for alleged war crimes

The complaint, which demands Rajapaksa’s arrest, cited the universal jurisdiction of alleged abuses (breaches of the Geneva Conventions) during the war

Biden’s key South Asia official meets Pakistan PM’s aide in bid to repair ties

The meeting is significant as it came at a time when both countries are trying to revive the bilateral relationship. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan and subsequent anti-American rhetoric by Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan had impaired ties between the countries

Pakistan minister warns India of ‘potentially catastrophic consequences’ from Kashmir tensions, even while admitting to ‘brink’ of Sri Lanka-like scenario in own country

The government of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has taken some tough measures and “saved Pakistan from Sri Lanka-like situation where almost we were at the brink of that scenario”

Indian journalist-activist Ajit Sahi presented with Pluralist Award in Washington

Mike Ghouse, President, Center for Pluralism, said Sahi was chosen for this year’s award for his courageous pursuit of justice for people of all faiths in India. “As a Hindu, Sahi has been at the forefront of the Indian American community that is fighting hard to preserve the pluralist and democratic values in India,” Ghouse said

Bridgeport in US to bid for 2024 T20 Cricket World Cup matches with brand new stadium

CCI leaders find Bridgeport to be the ideal location to bring top-level cricket to the northeast United States.

AAPI’s historic 40th convention in San Antonio, Texas; celebrating achievements of Indian American physicians

Dr. Jack Resneck, President of American Medical Association, praised the contributions and achievements of Indian American physicians who serve and provide best healthcare to every 7th patient in the United States. “It’s time our nation renews our commitment to you for the incredible services you provide to our nation,” he said.

Biden appoints Indian American scientist to US cabinet; second Indian American cabinet member after Vice President Kamala Harris

If she is confirmed to the post by the Senate -- as required for all senior appointments -- Prabhakar will be the third Indian American ever to serve in a US cabinet

Will Biden raise human rights with Modi at Middle East Quad summit?

The new Quad with India, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the US to be known as I2U2 for the initials of the countries is scheduled to be inaugurated during Biden’s visit to Israel in the second week of July

US Senate foreign panel chief praises India’s role, asks Quad to help Sri Lanka

Although an aim of the Quad is to counter China’s aggressive posture in the Indo-Pacific region, the Quad stopped short of any joint military cooperation, and instead focused on humanitarian efforts in the region like a programme for making, financing and distributing 500 million Covid vaccines in the region to counter Beijing's growing influence in the region.

New Delhi’s double standards on Naga and Kashmir issues

The moment for imagining the possibility of Yasin Malik and his like-minded political jail mates playing a larger role in resolving the Kashmir dispute is now, writes Sandeep Pandey for South Asia Monitor 

Trailblazing titans to share their tales at AAPI’s Women’s Forum

Dr. Seema Arora, Chair, AAPI National Women Physicians Committee, a Past Chair Board of Trustees of AAPI, said, “The Women’s Forum titled ‘Trailblazer Titans Tell Their Tales’ will have a panel of Trailblazer Women who have achieved extraordinary feats in each of their phenomenal lives. 

Kabir Festival 2022 in the US: Celebrating the humanistic values of an ancient mystic

The organizers hope to bring Kabir’s message of peace, harmony and love to people in our troubled times.

Over a dozen Pakistanis linked to the 2020 Charlie Hebdo attack arrested in Italy

Those arrested in Italy and Europe have been charged with conspiracy to commit international terrorism, according to the Italian news agency ANSA. An Italian judge signed 14 arrest warrants concerning offenses related to "international terrorism".

'Revolutionary' cancer drug: Indian origin patient among those completely healed

Varughese recalled discovering she completely cancer-free: “That day I didn't see the tumour. So, I was thinking, where is the tumour? Then, maybe I thought it's hiding somewhere inside. Doctor told me, there is no more tumour. It's a miracle”.

Malaysian businesses seek return of Bangladeshi workers amid labor shortage

Over 10 million Bangladeshi workers work abroad in different countries, bringing in over $24 billion annually in remittances to the government.