Lt Gen Prakash Katoch (retd)

Lt Gen Prakash Katoch (retd)

About Lt Gen Prakash Katoch (retd)

The author is a former Lieutenant General of the Indian Army

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COP28 commitments: Need for India to go beyond lip service and gimmicks

The pollution severely affecting the health of the population is of no consequence to India's politicians. It is high time our policymakers look at themselves in the mirror.

Himalayan tunnel collapse raises many questions: Was this a manmade disaster?

Why then after 18 years we have had to get foreign help and equipment for the Silkyara tunnel rescue? Should this equipment and capability not be with the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF)? 

Is the West pushing for a regime change in Bangladesh?

This despite full knowledge that the BNP and its permanent ally Jamaat e Islami are aligned with China and Pakistan. During the earlier BNP regimes in Bangladesh, major state-supported anti-India terrorist camps were running in that country, mainly in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, which also had instructors from Al Qaeda and Pakistan’s army-ISI…

Qatar's death-sentencing of eight Indian naval veterans a fallout of Israel-Hamas war?

Against the backdrop of the very intimate Qatar-US relations and the US-led West supporting Israel, the charge against Indian naval veterans of spying for Israel is absurd.

China's offensive intent intact despite 20 rounds of military talks

The Indian government has no answer to the question that if we have not lost any territory, then why the 20 rounds of military-to-military talks? 

With China tightening hold on South Asia, Maldives a wake-up call for India

Muizzu’s regime in the Maldives in conjunction with Pakistan could be potentially sitting on China’s lap for decades, along with a pro-China government in Nepal, and Myanmar annyway drawn into China’s strategic sphere since the military coup in Nay Pyi Taw in February 2021.

Continued ethnic strife in Manipur making region vulnerable to external exploitation

China has been supporting, training and arming northeast terrorists for the past several decades. The ongoing political experiment of ethnic cleansing and polarization in Manipur would naturally be exploited by China.

Manipur continues to be a victim of partisan politics and state callousness

India's restive Northeast appears heading towards more turbulence with the situation in Manipur and the central government not moving beyond bland statements. 

Is the worst really over in Manipur?

Why did it take five months of violence to appoint Col Sanjebam who lives in the heart of Imphal even while projecting the worst is over? Why was this done without Manipur Police asking for such an appointment? Why was he posted to the police department, not as a military advisor to the Chief Minister?

Will China have its way in Bhutan?

The question is whether Bhutan can ward off the Chinese pressure, given the dynamics of South Asia, chances of which don’t appear bright.