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With new government in Pakistan, is the US preparing to return to the AfPak theatre?

The US, it would seem, was awaiting the formation of the new government in Pakistan to nudge Islamabad to act against the various outfits operating from Afghan territory and this suited Pakistan. Simultaneously, the much-awaited tranche from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been cleared at the staff level to help Pakistan ease its…

Nepal's political instability impacts India ties

Last month, after Indian Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra met his Nepali counterpart Sewa Lamsal in Kathmandu, a press note issued on this meeting mentioned the two sides discussed “multifaceted cooperation”. However, it did not reference PMP, which is by far the biggest bilateral power project conceived between the two sides.  

Acknowledging a 45-year-old 'injustice': The Bhutto hanging and Pakistan's 'doctrine of necessity'

“It shows that even popularly elected prime ministers can be humiliated, incarcerated and even sent to the gallows when the state desires it and that the legal system can be manipulated to suit the whims of powerful forces.”

Nikki Haley: The doughy Indian American who is taking on Trump

Will American women respond to Nikki, count her as one of them, and make her the President of the USA, now or in 2028? 

Is the diplomatic road to Kabul re-opening? Human rights be damned

If India and China are changing, so are many other countries who realise the futility of trying to persuade a bunch of religious fundamentalists, now enjoying absolute power, to change their way of treating their people.

Musharraf: The arrogant dictator who badly wanted a deal with India

The India factor - and the burning desire to get even militarily for the East Pakistan debacle - loomed large in whatever he did or say, especially after he became the country’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a designation he gave himself after seizing power in 1999 and later, as the President.

'Ideologically confused' Pakistan's murky past haunts its present and future

Pakistan had assiduously sought to acquire “strategic depth” against India in Afghanistan by installing the Taliban, but that has now becomes its “terror depth,” security analysts say.  They lament that the western border has become "riskier" than the eastern one with India.

Indian action-hero SRK's latest film is a resounding thumbs-down to cancel culture; box-office success sends out multiple messages

With India's pluralist traditions coming increasingly under question under a Hindu majoritarian dispensation, and a vicious call-out culture directed insidiously against Muslim stars and their films from Bollywood, the overwhelming popular response to the film - with social media images of people dancing in the aisles and in front of the screen…

Selective amnesia or whitewashing history? Pakistan yet to come to terms with 'bitter truth' of 1971

“Indeed, the West Pakistani elite — politicians, bureaucracy, military — all played a role in aggravating the crisis,” a Dawn editorial said, adding: “Unfortunately, we as a nation have yet to come to terms with the bitter truths of 1971.”

Is the army's 'political engineering' and 'proxy politics' doing Pakistan in?

Khan, the government, and the military establishment seem to have taken extreme positions, leaving no room for rapprochement for now, plunging Pakistan into political chaos.