Brig. Deepak Sethi (retd)

Brig. Deepak Sethi (retd)

About Brig. Deepak Sethi (retd)

The author is an Indian Army veteran now teaching in the USA

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In a democracy, judiciary must constrain an autocratic executive

Amid a brute parliamentary majority, the judiciary in India remains the only hope for restraining an autocratic executive

India needs a People’s Charter - a referendum of the type of India people want

An apolitical mass movement is imperative, given that India’s secular democracy and constitutional freedoms are facing an existential threat 

Lessons from the Taliban: Only a secular democracy can keep India integrated

Implications for India are more worrisome since the Taliban now has overt support of China and Russia apart from its patron Pakistan, writes Brig Deepak Sethi (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Is a total boycott of Chinese goods by India feasible?

Can orchestrated symbolism of smashing Chinese TVs create a mass movement when no domestic alternatives are available to our extremely price-sensitive consumers? writes Brig Deepak Sethi (retd) for South Asia Monitor 

China understands and respects only the language of power

China is sure that India would initiate back-room talks and negotiate some face-saving device to disengage. But, there lies the danger, writes Brigadier Deepak Sethi (retd) for South Asia Monitor

The profound symbolism of the Shaheen Bagh protests

The world must note the significance of the Shaheen Bagh phenomenon, as it highlights the power of Gandhian non-violent and secular protests in the face of the formidable State machinery, writes Brigadier Deepak Sethi (retd) for South Asia Monitor

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