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Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd)

Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd)

About Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd)

The author is a former Indian ambassador

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A paean to Mahatma Gandhi and his inclusive philosophy

But for Gandhi, India's political destiny would have been vastly different and her moral stature vastly inferior.

Economic integration of South Asia: India must seize the day

India may consider quickly extending lines of credit to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on softer terms than IMF loans as we have enough forex reserves at present to cope with their small needs to prevent economic collapse. This will result in consolidation of South Asian economies around the Indian one and allow us as Big Brother to lift our smaller…

India-Bangladesh summit: Interlinked destinies, great expectations

Therefore, to create greater understanding between the civil societies of South Asia, we must encourage far more civil society interaction on B2B and people-to-people basis. 

Sheikh Hasina visit to India: Needed a landmark agreement on water sharing, better border management

Overall, many of the vexing problems of long standing can be mitigated quickly by bold and quick measures, denying ammunition to detractors of India-Bangladesh ties on both sides and letting our relationship flourish to its full potential

Making India a developed nation by 2047: An agenda for the nation

The other pillars of democracy, the judiciary and media, must remain steadfastly independent and impartial guardians of the Constitution. The people still repose their greatest faith in them to protect their rights and uphold their aspirations

Indian outreach to Latin America and Caribbean: Needed more frequent and diversified interactions

India should also project the values and aspirations of the Indo-Pacific into Atlantic waters to help global development. The SAGAR (Security And Growth for All in the Region) model can be extended to a much larger canvas of mutual cooperation and benefit

Can one imagine India as an inclusive, democratic haven of freedom Tagore dreamed of?

Sectarianism should not lead to conflicts regarding mutual superiority/inferiority and the beliefs and practices of a sect should not affect the public lives or right to life, food and livelihoods of others

Indian cultural diplomacy - and creation of a South Asian identity

The basis of all Indian philosophy is the recognition of divinity in the human species and giving respect to all faiths and shades of opinion

West Bengal: A state crying for deep systemic changes in governance and administration

West Bengal has the potential to become a growth engine for the entire BBIN region. It can be a driver for realizing the Act East policy and gain from greater engagement with South-East Asia from Kolkata to Manila and Tokyo

Bhutan’s new tourism policy should have India’s understanding and support

On similar grounds of environment pollution inter alia, Bhutan has not yet concurred with the proposed BBIN (Bhutan, Bangladesh, India and Nepal) Motor Vehicles Agreement, not wanting additional vehicular pollution, writes Amb Sarvajit Chakravarty (retd) for South Asia Monitor

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