Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd)

Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd)

About Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd)

The author is a former Indian ambassador

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Remembering the Indian soldiers of Flanders Fields: And their unsung Belgian commemorator

A truly unsung hero of the Indian diaspora, Hans Vermeersch deserves some recognition for his lifelong dedication to India. 

India, Bangladesh must cooperate to manage water resources to mitigate climate change effects

Conclusion of bilateral arrangements on sharing common water resources will banish a constant source of misunderstanding and mutual suspicion between India and Bangladesh, writes Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd) for South Asia Monitor

India needs to reduce its growing economic dependence on China

Only when India is strong enough to promote a new paradigm based on internationally acceptable and verifiable norms can the boundary questions raised by China be settled

With SAARC in limbo, BBIN governments should energize grouping for regional growth and development

The Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal  (BBIN) sub-regional group has the potential to multiply the prosperity of its members, writes Amb. Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Fake tea issue: Solution to Indian tea industry's problems lies in cooperation with Nepal and Bangladesh

India should assist Nepal and Bangladesh to obtain GI certification for their teas

India-Bangladesh ties in review: Youth of both countries need to have a stake in bilateral friendship and cooperation

In this 50th year of Bangladesh’s liberation, need India remind them that in 1971 it sheltered over 10 million Bangladeshi refugees without a whimper, with hardly any foreign aid, and that all Indians kept paying for decades afterward to defray the cost to the nation?, writes Amb. Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd) for South Asia Monitor…

India’s new trade policy: An action plan for promoting exports from the states

Indian enterprises, financial institutions and government agencies must invest in the acquisition and analysis of knowledge and information on target markets 

India needs to formulate a humane refugee and asylum policy in keeping with its cultural tradition

Having a refugee and asylum policy will improve India's standing in the global community and avoid unnecessary expenditure from the national and state exchequers, writes Amb Sarvajit Chakravarti (retd) for South Asia Monitor

India needs to open channels of communication with Taliban

Recent developments over Afghanistan are throwing up a number of issues and questions that India may need to address to evolve a new approach to dealing effectively and usefully with possible regime change or modification

To ‘Act East’ effectively requires India to ‘Learn East’

In order to effectively “Act East” we must first try to “Learn East” once again to rediscover the opportunities for prosperity that lie therein, writes By Amb Sarva Chakravarti (retd) for South Asia Monitor


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