Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd)

Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd)

About Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd)

The writer, a former Director-General of Military Operations (DGMO), Indian Army, is a commentator on strategic security issues.

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For India’s national security, time for civil and military synergy

The time has come for holistic civil-military integration and synergy in India to meet the challenges of a multi-polar, multi-domain world especially with a belligerent and hegemonistic China and its ally Pakistan in our immediate neighbourhood, writes Lt Gen PR Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Rising xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe: Lessons for a secular India

These are challenging times with rising majoritarianism and nationalism and, with a large Muslim population, India must watch events in Europe closely, and ensure its secular fabric remains intact, writes Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor  

Theoretical precepts of an army’s will to fight: Implications for the Indian armed forces

Assessing morale and will to fight (adversary and own) is crucial to the science and art of war (Warcraft)

China’s nationalism and global aspirations: India can turn a challenge into an opportunity

India has tremendous goodwill and support from the international community which will influence Chinese future manoeuvres against India, writes Lt Gen PR Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

China specter over South Asia impacting India-Bangladesh ties

India and China will do their best to edge each other out in their competition for dominance in the Bay of Bengal and will try to squeeze an economically weak Bangladesh, writes Lt Gen PR Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor 

The US vs China ideological battle, challenge for liberal democracies and an opportunity for India (Part II of two-part series)

China is also aware of India joining the US camp if driven too hard, apart from the increasing realisation that India is no longer a soft state and will stand resolutely and be prepared to fight when its core national interests are threatened, writes Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Erosion of American global power: Reshuffling of the deck holds significance for China, India (Part 1 of two-part series)

The reshuffling of the deck internationally is taking place, and it will be interesting to watch it play out, and especially how India, and other South Asian countries, maneuver through the geostrategic maze, writes Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

National security: Strategic deterrence in the Indian context (Part II of two-part series)

Our goal is to achieve punitive and credible deterrence capability against Pakistan and China respectively. While it will be a challenge, India has the capabilities and capacities to fight a two-front war and ensuring a stalemate, which will be a strategic victory, with grave consequences to the aggressors, writes Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd…

Ladakh standoff: India needs to enhance its deterrence reputation

It is going to be a very interesting winter to come,  as it is going to be a defining moment in our history having far greater implications than tactical, if we come out of it achieving our national and military objective,  writes Lt Gen PR Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Changing dynamics of deterrence in international security and strategic paradigm (Part 1 of two-part series)

Deterrence requires a national strategy that integrates diplomatic, informational, military, and economic powers. India must develop strategies, plans, and operations that are tailored to the perceptions, values, and interests of specific adversaries, writes Lt Gen P R Kumar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

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