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Clash of Civilizations: Which will be the best-placed to lead the world?

India and China represent the future, America (West) the present, and Europe the past; Islam has a long way to go. 

Can India become an economic powerhouse?

The two major reforms in labor and land policies being politically sensitive will be a dampener if not implemented. These are political decisions much like the aborted advantageous farm reforms.

Muslim nations must call out terrorists and withdraw clandestine support

Though a vast majority of Muslims oppose violent extremism, it is a reality that most extremist and terrorist violence does occur in largely Muslim states, although it mostly consists of attacks by Muslim extremists on fellow Muslims and not some clash between civilizations. 

The Ram temple issues are socio-political, not just religious

While the real issue of Ram temple is social, it is also a political play at its zenith. In a politically charged nation, what we see are distorted views of the developments in Ayodhya.

Is social media hijacking the narrative, impacting governance and policies?

The adverse influence of uncontrolled social media in the relations between India and Maldives is a case in point. Social media poses an existential threat to the conventional methods of conducting governance, diplomacy, and warfare. 

The inverted world of global espionage– where no one talks the walk

There is an interesting development of note in the US, which casts a shadow on free speech and political asylum in the Western world, with a direct bearing on the alleged covert intelligence operations by India in the North American continent. 

In a changing world order, international relations will be more issue-based than bloc-based

In a multipolar world, the relationships will be defined by the requirements in each separate space like security, economy, etc rather than gravitating wholesome to defined blocs.

Cutting-edge technologies are fast hurtling the world toward destruction

Any serious conversation about AI also needs to take into consideration the role of deep fake using AI to wreak havoc among society and even intruding into private spaces for monetary and other gains.

The Palestine narrative needs to change: Direct negotiations with Israel only path to peace

In general, religions have only wrought destruction over centuries and facilitated extremism in their name.