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Anil K. Rajvanshi

Anil K. Rajvanshi

About Anil K. Rajvanshi

The author is  Director, Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Phaltan, Maharashtra

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Gandhi remains as relevant today as in his time

Thus the mantra of development should be spirituality with high technology. Both these things allow us to reduce our greed for resources and live in harmony with nature – something that Gandhi preached intuitively all his life.

Why Patanjali is the teacher who I never saw

To me Patanjali has been a true scientist who gave the first knowledge about the control of mind.

What does Independence Day mean to us?

Thus on this Independence Day let us all Indians pledge to get independence from noise pollution;poverty; general environmental degradation and from hatred based on caste, creed, and religion

Making learning fun: And why it is important to teach students ethics of work

Yet, with new technologies of 3D printing, reasonably priced materials and the Internet, one can teach students in such a way so that learning becomes enjoyable

Improving mental health to achieve happiness

If we can reduce this anxiety by a combination of drugs and yoga, then maybe we will be able to produce a happier and less conflict-driven society and world, writes Anil. K Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor 

The human brain and the desire to reproduce and enhance knowledge

Evolution is driven by the desire to reproduce. Thus, sex desire is the most powerful desire in a living being

Role of corporates in bringing social transformation

If corporates produce technologies and solutions to improve the quality of life of rural population, then they need to reduce the profit margins for rural goods and services

How to make a better India

India is the only country in the world that was ruled by Muslims for nearly 1,000 years and yet never become a Muslim country. A probable answer lies in the higher quality of Indian spiritual thought, writes Anil Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor…

Where has my Lucknow gone?

One good change that I saw in Lucknow was the introduction of e-rickshaws. According to guestimates, there are about 5,000 such e-rickshaws plying on Lucknow roads.

The Rahul Bajaj I knew - he always supported a good idea

Rahul Bhai was harsh on the outside but soft inside, with tremendous humanity

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