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Anil K. Rajvanshi

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The author is  Director, Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Phaltan, Maharashtra

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How to make a better India

India is the only country in the world that was ruled by Muslims for nearly 1,000 years and yet never become a Muslim country. A probable answer lies in the higher quality of Indian spiritual thought, writes Anil Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor…

Where has my Lucknow gone?

One good change that I saw in Lucknow was the introduction of e-rickshaws. According to guestimates, there are about 5,000 such e-rickshaws plying on Lucknow roads.

The Rahul Bajaj I knew - he always supported a good idea

Rahul Bhai was harsh on the outside but soft inside, with tremendous humanity

Cooked meals for the poor in India: An idea whose time has come

If the rural poor can be given a basic ‘thali’ at subsidized price, they will not only get proper food but do away with the drudgery of cooking, writes Anil K. Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor

What causes the Eureka moment in the brain?

During relaxation of the brain or when one is not thinking about a problem, some other neural pathways are made and these may create the trigger resulting in the Eureka moment, writes Anil K. Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor

World needs spirituality now more than ever

All over the world we are witnessing the rise of dictators, strong-arm rulers and corrupt leaders

Fulfilling its COP26 pledge: Can India become carbon-neutral by 2070?

Becoming carbon-neutral by 2070 will not only help the world but will also make India a new industrial power, writes Anil K. Rajvanshi for South Aisa Monitor

Need for all to practice sustainable living for building a sustainable world

The consumptive lifestyle of Western societies is putting tremendous pressure on the world

India’s philosophical, spiritual traditions can give a new direction to global sustainable development

Instead of following the unsustainable growth example of the US and China, which is based on extreme greed and a very materialistic outlook, we should give the world a new direction of development where high technology is guided by spirituality, writes Anil K. Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor

Indian sage Patanjali's book on yoga the most scientific spiritual work in ancient times

Yoga Sutras is the most scientific spiritual book ever written during ancient times which has relevance today


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