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The matriarch who keeps winning: Why the BJP failed in Bengal

What makes TMC, or its supremo Mamata Banerjee, seemingly unbeatable in West Bengal? Why does she keep winning despite her indifferent governance, multiple scams and embarrassing outbursts in public?

The flawed criminal justice system in India: Rape law reforms need political will to transform mindsets

The cavalier attitude and patronizing politics of a patriarchal society need to change to eliminate the social stigma of the victim in rape trials in India.

Water security in South Asia: Need for ratification of UN water convention

No other country in the world comes close to the hydro-hegemony that China has established. From Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to Myanmar’s troubled Kachin and Shan states, China has widened its dam building to disputed or insurgency-torn areas despite local opposition.

Chronic water scarcity in South Asia increasing children’s vulnerability

In 2022, an overwhelming 45 million children lacked access to basic drinking water services in South Asia, according to UNICEF

India’s misogynistic political culture: Reflection of a deep-rooted gender imbalance

If the lawmakers of our country, those who seek to represent us, have a primitive mindset, how can we expect them to give security, welfare, and protection to the larger female population? Their irresponsible comments can be construed by some as license to commit sexual assaults with impunity.

Teenage pregnancy in India: A human rights issue swept under the carpet

Setting aside all the hullabaloo about the much-debated National Educational Policy 2020, the latter has hardly anything to offer on improving the sexual and reproductive health of women in India. This was unexpected since NEP 2020 aimed at holistic education.

Amid growing Chinese presence, resumption of old ferry service will boost India-Sri Lanka connectivity

Sri Lanka has always been a very important and strategically critical Indian Ocean neighbour and removing the bottlenecks in their relationships has been a top priority for New Delhi.

Same-sex marriage verdict militates against human rights

The verdict certainly is an impediment to the quest for self-respect, individuality and self-esteem of its citizens.India could have set an example with positive affirmation of this right as only Nepal and Taiwan have recognized same-sex unions in Asia.

Quelling press freedom in Bangladesh: Democratic downslide an ominous trend across South Asia

The imposition of draconian laws in Bangladesh and the government’s strenuous efforts to defend itself against the smear campaign and attacks against journalists and media persons reflect a familiar picture across South Asian nations like India and Sri Lanka where electronic surveillance and stifling dissent have become all too common

Will IMEC be a potential game-changer for India and South Asia?

For India, IMEC is a strategic move to lessen dependency on its traditional trading partners while opening up a horizon of opportunities in markets ranging from technology to energy. Also, India is poised to countervail growing Chinese influence in South Asia if successful implementation of IMEC becomes possible.