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Preserving the richness of Urdu: A unique quest to keep the language alive and thriving

The Joy of Urdu’s focus on linguistic preservation, cultural enrichment, plus promotion of social justice, and positive change through bilingual presentations and discussions helps ensure that the richness of Urdu remains alive in modern times.

Pakistan’s otherwise predictable election seeks to involve youth

Besides youth, efforts have also been made to increase women’s inclusion in electoral politics. Section 206 of the Elections Act 2017 mandates at least 5 per cent women's representation in general seats. However, major political parties often award tickets…

Dramatizing an ancient Sindhi folk tale with South Asian relevance

The River’s Daughter addresses urgent contemporary concerns about environmental destruction caused by the unethical practices of developers and extractive industries – issues that are relevant not just to Pakistan but all of South Asia.

A Nepali in Pakistan: On a mission to improve healthcare for underserved communities in South Asia

Although not immediate neighbours in the South Asian region, Nepal and Pakistan face similar social issues and have always helped each other in times of need. And yet there are no direct flights between the two countries.

Pakistan: The military versus the people

Since Pakistan’s birth over 75 years ago, it is the ‘establishment’ that has largely determined who gets political power and when to take it away. Out-of-favour politicians get disqualified from political office, imprisoned, or exiled. Some have been killed.

Pakistani women fight against gender violence, economic injustice, soaring inflation - and climate change

Pakistan currently ranks as the ‘second-worst’ among all 146 countries on the Gender Parity Index 2022, trailing only Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, which took the top spot. With over 5,200 women reportedly raped in 2021, the country has one of the…