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Need for more transparency in US project funding in Bangladesh

Bangladesh always has had good terms with the US and is one of the largest recipients of US government and private aid. But as the geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific region becomes heated, it has brought in its wake  diverse interests that Bangladesh is not ready to cater to as yet.

Dangerous nexus between right-wing forces and terrorism in Bangladesh

The right-wing and Islamist political forces that have always maintained connections with violent extremist forces are exerting their influence in Bangladeshi society. This is an ominous sign in this part of the world.

A new security threat emerges from Bangladesh's Chittagong Hill Tracts; wake-up call for three countries

KNF's suspected ties with Jamatul Sharqia and providing training to Islamist militants have added a new dimension to the country's violent extremism.

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina spoke up for Global South in UNGA address

As a result of the Ukraine war, the socio-political landscape of world politics has deteriorated and has gone through a paradigm shift with the disruption of supply chain management and exorbitant price hike in fuel, food, and consumer goods. This has brought the economy under massive pressure.

Bangladesh making steady progress in ensuring labor rights

Functioning trade unions, decreasing number of child labourers and the introduction of labour courts and foundations are demonstrations of the extraordinary achievements of Bangladesh in ensuring labour rights.


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