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Has Myanmar had a change of heart on Rohingya repatriation?

Acting under international pressure, Myanmar has apparently made the decision to reintegrate persecuted Rohingya based on nationality verification - with the repatriated Rohingya being referred to as "Bengali foreigners" - under the active supervision of international organizations and China, the United States, and EU countries.

A funding crisis will hit Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh; India and China need to do more

However, India, China, and other regional actors have yet to establish a firm position on the Rohingya repatriation process and peace talks to end the crisis in Myanmar. While the US is strongly supporting Bangladesh on the Rohingya issue, China and India’s geopolitical and geoeconomic interests in Myanmar have left Bangladesh to manage the…

Bangladesh has a resilient economy, will not collapse like Pakistan; is streets ahead of it in all-round development

Pakistan will never catch up with Bangladesh in the race for economic development. The GDP growth rate of Bangladesh increased gradually to 8.13 percent in the fiscal year 2018-19. In 2020-22, the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war slowed down the growth rate of Bangladesh, but it was much higher than that of…

Why Bangladesh is unlikely to face a debt crisis like Sri Lanka

Bangladesh has already taken cautionary measures to not be a loan defaulter to avoid a Sri Lanka like situation, writes Sufian Siddique for South Asia Monitor

Global energy crisis hits Bangladesh: Challenge for Sheikh Hasina’s government

Until recently, the Awami League has given load shedding free electricity facility to 100% of the people of the country. But now, as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war, the global energy crisis has hit Bangladesh as well, writes Sufian Siddique for South Asia Monitor

Why the world is applauding Dhaka over the Padma bridge

The Padma Bridge will make international investors, including Saudi companies, to give a serious look at Bangladesh as an investment destination