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India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline is a major milestone in bilateral cooperation, will help regional energy integration

Bhutan and Nepal would also benefit from the pipeline project. The two nations will have the chance to take part in the regional energy market and have access to a reliable energy source. The BBIN region’s economy will grow as the pipeline project fits in with the region’s overarching goal of enhancing integration and connectivity in South Asia…

Wheat exports: India's assurance to neighbours is a positive development for South Asia

India prioritizing neighbouring countries in its foreign policy objectives, particularly by assisting Sri Lanka and Afghanistan amid crises, shows its commitment to 'Neighbourhood First' policy, writes John Rozario for South Asia Monitor

From donation seeker to donor: Bangladesh's assistance to Sri Lanka is a governance lesson for others

Bangladesh continues to generously host the world’s largest and growing refugee settlement despite the huge burden on economy, food management, limited resources and other circumstances, writes John Rozario for South Asia Monitor

Why Bangladesh is a different story from Sri Lanka, Pakistan

Bangladesh is a miracle story, while Sri Lanka and Pakistan are disaster tales, writes John Rozario for South Asia Monitor