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Tagore and Gandhi's ideas have great relevance in today's world

Today the distance between the vision and way of life of Tagore and Gandhi and current perspectives is growing. And though the effort and work done with fervour in their names continue, most of that energy is outside India.

The violence within us: Is Indian society failing in many ways?

But wild, in-your-face violence of the kind seen in some of the crimes that continue to happen, particularly against women, indicates that the nation isn’t really progressing, never mind what the GDP numbers may say. 

Covid, Chinese lab 'leaks', and the risks of playing with nature

Traditional Indian wisdom teaches us that we are not separate from nature, that all forms of life are connected and inseparable from the rhythm of the planet – the air, the mountains, the forests, the seas and the sun. If this thinking is allowed to take root again, sustainability is already achieved.

Gender equity must extend to transgenders as well

Despite many favourable developments, what transgenders face is systemic oppression, phobia, fear, bias and distrust. This keeps transgenders from living their simple lives as ordinary citizens