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Maldives: Is ruling MDP heading for a split threatening island's stability?

The political events, including those inside the once monolith MDP, are playing out at a time when Defence Minister Mariya Didi claimed that the recent raids, arrests and explosives seizure in capital Male and southern Addu City related to the "most dangerous terror-plot" in the country.

Islamist attack on Yoga Day: India-bashing and nationalist politics in the Maldives

India-bashing is a preferred pasttime for opposition politicians in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, not to mention Pakistan and Afghanistan, writes N. Sathiya Moorthy for South Asia Monitor

Sri Lanka: Beginning of end for political crisis, end of beginning for economy

His traditional urban backers grudgingly accept Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s confession that they have to bear more for a few weeks more before pressing the recovery button. The same cannot be said of the rural poor, writes N. Sathiya Moorthy for South Asia Monitor

Maldives’ domestic politics has potential for fallout on India ties

Yameen’s ‘India Out’ campaign is centred on his firm belief that independent of change of governments and leaderships in New Delhi, India was against his becoming president, writes N. Sathiya Moorthy for South Asia Monitor

With street protests mounting, time running out for Sri Lanka's Rajapaksas

Given that Sri Lanka has a post-independence history of episodic JVP militancy in 1971 and 1987, there is concern about the direction the street protests may take, writes N. Sathiya Moorthy for South Asia Monitor


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