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The author is an entrepreneur and a former legal correspondent

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Sikkim’s tragedy has lessons for all: But is anyone listening?

It is imperative that Infrastructural requirements like roads, bridges, tunnels, power plants and other industries should be weighed against their ecological impact by experts and their cost-benefit analysis undertaken before final decisions are taken. The damage done by man to…

Maharashtra power tussle: Question marks over the Supreme Court judgement

There was clearly visible cheap politics on all sides but the Supreme Court seems to prefer the politics of the Thackeray faction rather than the legislative majority.

A farcical democracy? Need to restore inner-party democracy in India

Otherwise, democracy will remain meaningless-- once in five-year exercise by ordinary citizens who are represented by MPs/MLAs who themselves are bonded labourers of a controlling coterie. 

Gandhis and the TINA factor in India’s Congress party

Within the Congress also, the entire blame cannot be put at the door of the Gandhis

A doc’s unconventional prescription for meeting a possible third Covid wave in India

The next Covid wave will be no less than a ‘war’ and India will have to make preparations similar to what armed forces all over the world do in war situations

Why India's Covid battle is making the rich-poor gap starker

Obviously, when the gap between availability and requirement of facilities is so huge, there would be a tendency among the rich to buy them at any cost, whereas others like politicians, bureaucrats, policemen, judges, journalists, etc are going to ‘buy’ the same facilities by peddling their influence

Vaccination and vaccine purchase politics: Can India attain herd immunity?

But most experts agree that the country can reach ‘herd immunity’ if 70 to 80 percent of the population is fully immunised.  That comes to a population of 1.05 billion, for whom 2.10 billion doses are needed, writes Vinod Aggarwal for South Asia Monitor

Should India revise its electoral system to give voters right to reject?

An interesting case has been filed in the Supreme Court (SC) of India

The Congress rebellion that never was: India's political parties lack internal democracy

Though the party crisis seems to have blown over, for the time being, the future of the Congress does not appear to be bright. And it has nothing to do with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), writes Vinod Aggarwal for South Asia Monitor

Role of governors and speakers in political crises: Will India's constitutional guardians rise above partisan politics?

During the last 25 years both these so-called high constitutional offices have repeatedly come under judicial scrutiny and invited adverse comments from the Indian courts, writes Vinod Aggarwal for South Asia Monitor