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Dr Ram Puniyani

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India: A nation bound by its constitution or a selective interpretation of civilization?

Those who were not part of the anti-British struggle had roots in the ideologies of landlord-clergy combine. They articulated nationalism in the name of religion, called it cultural nationalism, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor 

Religion is another name for love; hate is part of divisive politics

The major political parties in India need to oppose the gross violations of the Constitution, the bulldozer (in)justice and beating of accused in custody, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

RSS chief's statement unlikely to change fundamental ideology of Hindu rightwing

The present statement of the RSS supremo reinforces the belief that Islam was spread by aggressors. This again is a superficial and selective projection of history

Is this the India of Gandhi and Patel's dreams?

In contrast to what Gandhi envisioned, the gulf between the two communities in India has been made wide and deep

Should the future of India be held hostage to a divisive ideology?

The 1991 act was aimed at focussing social energies on building the future while preserving the integrative aspects of Indian syncretism, what Jawaharlal Nehru underlined as "Ganga-Jamuna tehjeeb", writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

The Indianisation of education: Education with a not-so-hidden agenda

Overall, the changes proposed in the country's education system are in tune with the concept of nationalism and culture that sectarian nationalists want to impose on the country, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

The changing anatomy of hate and communal violence in India

Even in these dark times, one can see bright rays of communal harmony. One only hopes these trends are encouraged and divisive loudmouths are punished, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

Iconisation of Ambedkar: How a change in strategy has fetched electoral dividends for the BJP

In another CSDS study of post-poll analysis after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, it was found that between 2014 and 2019 support for the BJP among Dalits, Adivasis and Other Backward Class has more than doubled, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

Is hate speech becoming the ‘new normal’ in India?

From within the Muslim community there are extremist elements who in the name of Islam provide much-needed provocations to majoritarian politics, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor

Kashmir Files: It will have a negative impact on carefully nurtured Kashmiriyat

The film lives to its own dialogue that showing wrong is as dangerous as hiding the truth; it totally hides the murders and exodus of Muslims, writes Dr Ram Puniyani for South Asia Monitor


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