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To hug or not to hug the cow: The misplaced agenda of religious nationalists

As such these groups are part of an oppressive, sectarian politics, which abhors the free choice of youngsters in particular. Real reasons for this intolerant behavior have to be looked for in their overall agenda to curtail liberalism, and pluralism, and to constrain the democratic ethos of the country.

Kashmir history: Creating a binary between Nehru and Patel is a false narrative

The march of the Indian army did save Kashmir from the marauding tribals (supported by the Pakistan army). The cease-fire was declared to protect civilians and also to ensure that a peaceful solution will emerge through the United Nations. The matter of being taken to the United Nations has been criticized, but that must have been the best…

Three South Asian nations - and common factors in their economic downslide

In post-colonial South Asia, the British who ruled and plundered the region also sowed the seeds of ‘divide and rule’, dividing the people along Hindu-Muslim or Sinhala-Tamil lines. Partition of the subcontinent was also a result of the same policy.

Has the RSS reshaped its agenda for the upcoming elections?

Why has the language of the RSS chief seemingly changed from his 2018 speeches at Vigyan Bhavan? There may be many reasons for Bhagwat to be more forthright than sugarcoating his agenda earlier. Many state elections are due in 2023 and general elections are due in 2024. The polarization around identity issues seems to be the main instrument in…

BJP’s Gujarat electoral victory: Polarizations to the fore

We had been a society where a joint celebration of festivals was part of our common culture. Now things have come to such a pass that provocative actions are planned to ensure a divisive trajectory in society.

Inserting communal angles in sensational murders: Grave threat to social peace

What is needed is to combat the ‘love jihad’ propaganda, which is being done with unimaginable intensity and is vitiating social peace. The need for national ‘help lines’ and support systems for such isolated girls in painful relationships is the need for the hour. 

Rahul Gandhi's Uniting India March: Ignored by media but welcomed by social groups

Another welcome part of Yatra is the proactive response of these social groups and many political parties to affirm the values of pluralism, diversity and democracy. 

RSS leader's outreach to Muslims: Reconciliation or cooption?

Today the international image of India, courtesy the RSS-BJP, is a Hindu supremacist one where minorities are insecure, where identity issues are getting precedence over the issues of livelihood. RSS is the fountainhead of this politics; it needs introspection if it is serious about the process of dialogue and reconciliation.

Misrepresenting Subhash Chandra Bose's philosophy

While the ruling Hindutva ideology sees Islam and Christianity as "foreign religions" and developed this ideology into misconceptions and hate against Muslims and Christians, the understanding of Gandhi, Nehru, Bose and most leaders of the freedom movement revolved around seeing the diverse religions as a point of welcome and strength to the…

Divisive communalism, patriarchy and honouring culprits of mass rape and murder

The Supreme Court must respond to the PILs and put these Gujarat convicts back to where they belong -- the prison


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