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Temple inaugurations are not decolonization; Indian culture is much broader

India did not get subdued by colonial culture in totality. What we are facing today is the promotion of religiosity and conservatism. Since politics is stalking the streets in the garb of religion, India's traditional syncretic culture is coming under attack from conservative and orthodox values. 

Is restoring the plural Idea of India possible?

Hysteria cannot be combated by hysteria. We need the ideology which binds the weaker sections of society, the Dalits, religious minorities, women, workers and Adivasis.

Modi's Christian outreach: Wooing a marginalised community for electoral gains?

The anti-Christian violence is a low-radar activity where the priests working in remote areas are apprehended when they are conducting prayer meetings in particular.

Roots of terrorism: Wrong to blame it on a religion

In recent years, a central phenomenon that spurred the rise of terrorist groups has been the United States cultivating fundamentalist Islamist groups through the CIA in client states such as Pakistan. 

Why RSS is paying lip service to Ambedkar: Two poles of Indian political spectrum

Ambedkar was for implementing the concept of fraternity; on the contrary, the politics of majoritarianism has spread hatred against minorities, leading to violence and polarization of society.

Name change for nation: Jinnah also opposed use of India name after Partition

The use of the word India is not a colonial legacy in any way; the word was there much before the British East India Company came here for trade and plunder. This word also was used by anti-colonial movements. This is how the country was known in the world.

Celebrating Independence: Why remember Partition horrors?

The Partition Horrors Remembrance Day selectively wants to project the killings and mayhem that Hindus faced. The truth is the Hindus and Sikhs coming from Pakistan (west and east) and Muslims migrating from India to Pakistan, …

'INDIA versus Bharat' or ‘'India that is Bharat’?

The opposition to the INDIA alliance is also rooted in the thesis which sees a ‘clash of civilizations’ (Samuel Huntington), in contrast to what the UN report emphasizes on Alliance of…

Tribal humiliation: Urination incident shows up caste oppression is rife in India

The politics being pursued by the BJP and its related organizations have a multipronged strategy to win over indigenous communituies electorally by emotive symbolic actions, to Hinduise them on the one hand, and to maintain the upper-caste hegemony on the other.

Does Gita Press deserve the Gandhi Peace Prize?

Gita Press is the intellectual and cultural base on which conservative Hindu values, mainly Brahmanical values, are promoted, and it provides the base for Hindu nationalist politics by promoting and propagating a narrow, exclusive version of Hinduism. Gandhi’s Hinduism was, on the other hand, humane and inclusive and he evolved with time to…