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Bangladeshi peacekeepers have played a stellar role in Mali's MINUSMA mission

A total of 139 people of the Bangladesh Armed Forces have sacrificed their lives and 242 people have been injured in maintaining world peace. Their self-sacrifice has brought Bangladesh acceptance as the leading peacekeeping country in the world.

India-Nepal-Bangladesh power diplomacy is a big step for regional cooperation in South Asia

In recent years India has been prioritising regional integration among South Asian countries, excepting Pakistan. As per the joint vision statement between Nepal and India in April last year, the two countries agreed to expand sub-regional cooperation in the power sector among Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN)

Bangladesh and Pakistan must build on current goodwill: It is time to move on from past bitterness

Current geopolitical realities imply that Pakistan must not interfere in Bangladesh’s internal affairs, nor question Bangladesh’s close ties with India, a country that has actively helped Bangladesh in its liberation, a relation that has passed the test of time and is historic.

Amid global food crisis, Bangladesh is food sufficient

Among South Asian countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are facing major food security risks. But Bangladesh, fortunately, is not at risk though there is a danger of food inflation in Bangladesh.

Why Bangladesh won’t become a Sri Lanka or Pakistan

Bangladesh has very strong leadership, pragmatic fiscal policy and foreign reserves. The Sri Lankan case is totally different, writes Mehjabin Bhanu for South Asia Monitor

Bangladesh-Pakistan ties: Closing the gap, increasing the gains

The younger generation of both countries is keen to forge stronger ties between these two Muslim-majority countries in the region, writes Mehjabin Bhanu for South Asia Monitor

US-Bangladesh air exercise reflects a broader strategic understanding

The US has started to consider Bangladesh as an important security partner in the region

Bangladesh-Japan ties touch new high in 50 years

Bangladesh-Japan relationship has reached a new level in investment and trade, with Tokyo offering plenty of assistance to Dhaka

Bangladesh needs to be friends with both US and China

It is the moral responsibility of China and the US to cooperate with Bangladesh, which needs both countries to achieve its developmental goals