Lt Gen Kamal Davar (retd)

Lt Gen Kamal Davar (retd)

About Lt Gen Kamal Davar (retd)

The writer is a veteran Indian Army officer and security expert. He served as the first director-general of the Defence Intelligence Agency.

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Deepening Russia-China ties will impact South Asian geopolitics; India needs to remain vigilant

China, however, continues with its efforts to restrict India in the South Asian region. Pakistan is virtually China’s colony and in recent years China has redoubled its infamous endeavours to rope in Bangladesh in its area of influence. 

The continuing tragedy of Manipur: Time for stern decisions to safeguard national security

With over 4000 weapons in unauthorized hands, the Manipur tinderbox can explode anytime. Firing at each other between the Meities and Kukis using an assortment of small weaponry is going on intermittently with the Manipur Police and security forces unable to effectively control the violence.

The curious case of Indian silence over damning UN human rights report on China

Not surprisingly, India has not come out with any condemnation of China for its atrocities in Xinjiang, a classic example of India in recent times trying to steer clear of global contestations

Afghanistan's problems require a collective regional solution; India must play a leading role

If Afghanistan does not witness a modicum of internal stability, adherence to human values and shuns terrorism of all hues, not only the region but beyond too will be impacted adversely, writes Lt Gen Kamal Davar (retd) for South Asia Monitor

As China faces world's ire, time for India to rise

As many nations relocate their industries to newer locations, India should play its cards well and, with alacrity,  could be one of the preferred destinations for replacing China, writes Lt Gen Kamal Davar(retd)  for South Asia Monitor