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Welfare spending is not freebie culture

It must be understood that welfare spending is essential to partly redress the widening inequality in Indian society

India’s foreign exchange situation worrisome after major fund outlow

The coming months will call for deft macroeconomic management of the twin deficits, on the external and internal front. A higher fiscal deficit invites higher interest rates. And a higher trade deficit invites a weaker rupee

In a world heading for stagflation, can India remain immune?

The political instability in a large and industrialized state like Maharashtra is not helping.  Instability means inaction or even paralysis in decision making, since policy makers are distracted in tackling the political situation

The significance of India’s relations with Gulf and Muslim countries

India needs strong and friendly relations, be they diplomatic, economic, social or cultural, with the countries of GCC. And some of these arguments carry over for relations with members of the OIC too

Sobering lessons for the region from Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Unlike India or also Bangladesh, Pakistan has suffered economic mismanagement; excessive dependence on foreign aid, whether from the IMF or China is also a factor

Farmers’ protest: India’s farm sector needs bolder reforms, not the three contentious laws that leave room for distrust

As the country gets closer to state assembly elections next year, the farm agitation will be an important and emotive electoral issue


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