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India's leadership in economic migration is a mixed blessing

India’s inward remittances keep growing, having more than doubled since 2010, and showing a growth of over 6 per cent per year, ahead of GDP growth. By comparison, China’s inbound remittances have been falling. Pakistan and Bangladesh get about one-fourth of what India gets.

India's rising inequality: Government should work toward a workable wealth tax

One of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations calls for a reduction in inequality. On that count, India must exert more by making the income tax net wider and ensuring a lower indirect tax burden

War drums in the Middle East are bad news for the economy

The war clouds just keep getting thicker and darker. And the warmongers have so far outshouted those pleading for peace. The leaders have failed to bring any sanity, let alone ceasefire or peace talks. All this does not bode well for the Indian economy, which has already been struggling with the challenges of inflation, stagnant private…

India's looming water crisis: Need to raise public awareness on water conservation as a national priority

India has only 2 percent of the world’s freshwater supply but 17 percent of the world's population. The present predicament of people in Bengaluru, skipping work to stand in long queues for a bucket of water is a sobering reminder.

India's 8.4 per cent GDP growth: More than what meets the eye

The overall contribution of agriculture to GDP growth this year will be below 1 percent as per the latest estimates. This is worrying for various reasons, most importantly for what it means for the livelihoods and incomes of rural families.

Free food and election promises: Why India's food security system needs an overhaul

The Niti Aayog estimates using a multi-dimensional approach, that poverty has fallen below 15 percent. Why then are 58 percent of Indians getting free food? Or even if their food security needs have to be addressed, would this be better served by direct benefit transfers?

Implementing One Nation One Election in India will not be easy

Not much has been done by lawmakers to reduce black money in elections. ONOE is not likely to make a dent to that effect, though that is its ostensible purpose.

India needs agricultural reforms, not frequent market interventions harming farmer interests

The webs we weave in agricultural policy have entangled us from which unshackling has become very difficult. India needs massive reforms to make markets function better, much less intrusion of the State and more freedom for the farmer to participate in the market process and profit from it.

Vigilante justice and its celebration: Time to recall Ambedkar's ‘Grammar of Anarchy’ speech

This is surely not the first or the last of the fake encounters (extra-judicial killing) in our country. Are people, including the police, losing faith in constitutional methods so earnestly championed by Dr. Ambedkar? What would he have said, had he been alive today?

Lessons from the Adani stock crash: Indian regulator must restore faith in the market

No doubt that the Adani Group will do its utmost to bounce back, but regulators and policymakers must ensure that investors’ trust in the markets is not dented. India’s stock markets are world leaders in terms of technology and surveillance systems. The regulators and exchanges must match that in terms of excellent governance and strengthening…