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Rohingya repatriation from Bangladesh: Myanmar must keep its word

Myanmar and Bangladesh must cooperate in a neighbourly manner. Resolving the regional humanitarian problem will benefit the entire region of South Asia and Southeast Asia, writes Parvej Siddique Bhuiyan for South Asia Monitor 

World must not forget the Rohingya refugees of Bangladesh

The Afghan and Ukraine crises have worsened the situation. But the world must remember that Rohingyas are also refugees, writes Parvej Siddique Bhuiyan for South Asia Monitor 

ICJ should not give legitimacy to the Myanmarese junta in Rohingya genocide case

The junta will likely leverage the hearings to gain substantial de jure recognition as the legitimate government of Myanmar within other UN bodies and beyond, writes Parvej Siddique Bhuiyan for South Asia Monitor

Bangladesh can gain by taking part in Chinese trade fairs

Like Bangladesh, South Asian countries can use Chinese expos to promote their brands and build a new trade image

Japan's silence on Rohingya Issue is puzzling

It is Japan’s vital responsibility to join and influence other key players in the region to play a visible and effective role to address major regional issues like the Rohingya crisis for peace and stability