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India needs to give up its colonial mindset, embrace Gandhi's ideals

If India has to truly give up its colonial mindset, it must reform the bureaucracy, remove undue privileges for those in power, offer firm, enforceable and many more protections for ordinary citizens and decide on a growth journey that does not mimic the destruction that the West and China have wrought on the environment. 

Democracy behind bars: Plight of undertrials in India

A proper monitoring of cases right from the remand stage, with a detailed look at whether the demand of the investigating agencies is justified, will set the ground for a more responsive and responsible investigative machinery

Need for bringing India's notorious bureaucracy to account

The BJP government has done better in preparing lists of those officers who are inefficient or corrupt

Punjab election shows good governance does gets votes in India

It is a no-brainer that Arvind Kejriwal’s victory speech was sharply focused on issues of governance, writes Jagdish Rattanani for South Asia Monitor

Corporate India needs a new crop of directors

If credibility is to come to corporate governance, the pool of directors must be widened to include people from a variety of fields

A dress code that does disservice to education in India - and the global reputation of a state

The girls at the centre of the protest have lost in the near term, but the longer-term loser is the state of Karnataka and India as a plural society and nation

Demonising of Punjab will have negative consequences

An unfair and uncalled for narrative was built as if Punjab was out to harm the Prime Minister, demonizing a state known for its sacrifices towards nation building

Is a strong, 'muscular' India losing out on peace and harmony?

India is in a hurry to reach a mythical place of stardom and power, and in that rush we may not have the time to see the pain and the suffering caused by us in our midst

Playing with fire: Communal flames in India pose a national threat

It is a sad picture of India of the 21st century that communal fires have erupted in states as far apart as Tripura and Maharashtra, writes Jagdish Rattanani for South Asia Monitor 

Why a strategic turnaround by Modi on the farm laws

The Modi government in India has repealed farm laws as it does not want to pay a political price in coming state elections, writes Jagdish Rattanani for South Asia Monitor 

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