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Future of Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project remains in limbo

While Iran’s ties with the West, especially US, may have hit rock bottom, Pakistan despite the public posturing will not be able to go ahead with the project at the cost of annoying the US.

India's basmati rice exports at risk over Red Sea attacks

India’s basmati exports are significantly affected as over one-third of production is shipped to West Asia, Europe, North Africa and North America via the Red Sea.

India and Australia: Strategic partners bound by growing soft power linkages

Higher education has emerged as an important linkage between both countries. As  Australia seeks to reduce dependence on Chinese students, it would want to attract more Indian students.

Pakistan's future is tied to its balancing ties with the US and China

If US-Pakistan ties were to deteriorate further, Islamabad has limited options since Beijing in recent months has clearly shown that it will assist Pakistan in dealing with its economic problems only up to a point.

Growing India-UAE ties: Robust economic and strategic linkages, convergence on global geopolitical issues

While the I2U2 – often referred to as the Middle Eastern Quad -- grouping is a strong illustration of changing landscape of the Middle East, and India's strong ties with all the other countries which are part of the grouping, the India-…

Can Saudi Arabia play the intermediary between India and Pakistan?

Saudi Arabia has been reorienting its foreign policy, and while maintaining its individual relationships with India and Pakistan, it could possibly play a role as an intermediary between both countries. 

Bridging the India-Pakistan divide: Let families reunite before it's too late

Today, in the 75th year of Independence, both India and Pakistan must honour their 2012 agreement and allow at least the elderly to meet relatives across the divide, writes Tridivesh Singh Maini for South Asia Monitor

A Middle East Quad? Scope for synergies, but divergences over Iran

Within the new Middle East/West Asia Quad, there is space for trilateral economic cooperation between India, the UAE and Israel

India should team up with friendly countries to stay relevant in Afghanistan

India’s approach towards Afghanistan should be dictated by its economic and strategic interests and it needs to judge the Taliban by its actions while being flexible enough to leave room for numerous divergences, writes Tridivesh Singh Maini for South Asia Monitor

An alternative to China’s BRI? But G7’s B3W needs backing of big business, US allies

Several BRI-related projects in developing countries in Asia and Africa have drawn criticism for lacking transparency, and not being economically sustainable, leading to debts that make countries dependent upon China or leads to a 'debt Trap', writes Tridivesh Singh Maini for South Asia Monitor