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The author is a veteran journalist who writes on diplomacy and politics. The views are personal.

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Yoga has no place for violence and hatred

Indian yogic and spiritual masters have been very clear in their thinking. Hating anyone, particularly any other religion, was a major no-no

Faith and judiciary: A case from Pakistan

The mosque was small and was never used as a place of worship. When Maharaja Ranjit Singh took control of the entire Punjab, the Sikhs took over the mosque, placed the Guru Granth Sahib inside it and converted it into a gurudwara. 

A search for Guru Nanak in Pakistan

Amid Hindu-Muslim antagonism that existed even then, Nanak wanted to show that there is a direct path to God, one that doesn’t travel through temples and shrines. 

Price of chauvinism: Sri Lankans soul-search as mass fury topples a prime minister

The path ahead in Sri Lanka will not be easy – for anyone. But the situation – widespread shortages of all essentials including medicines, food and fuel – have left many Sinhalese wondering if they were right in ignoring what tens of thousands of Tamils underwent for long years, writes M R  Narayan Swamy for South Asia Monitor…

A 'Made in India' de-radicalization programme that has benefited thousands

While the number of those who have benefitted from the Art of Living’s trauma relief is some 150,000, a total of 2,000 fighters are claimed to have laid down their weapons in various parts of the world including India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kosovo, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Iraq and the Philippines after being inspired by the spiritual group, 

A revolutionary book on Islam that non-Muslims should also read

According to the author, the wealth of the Muslim community and government spending on the rituals of Islam for centuries would have been better utilized for establishing universities and technical and research institutes. The absence of these is a key reason for the decline of Muslims as a productive part of the society or country where they…

Hatred impedes bhakti; all religions are alike and one: Swami Vivekananda

At a time when Hindu zealots are using even religious observances to whip up hatred against Muslims in particular, a re-reading of Vivekananda can provide welcome relief

The aura of Bhagat Singh - and the neglected historiography of British colonial violence in India

The manner in which Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were, first, officially executed on March 23, 1931, and their bodies brutally chopped, marks one of the darkest chapters of British colonialism in India

How an advertising blitz helped Congress to turn tables on BJP

There is no doubt that the bulk of India was not impressed by the BJP’s “India Shining” slogan of 2004 although it did create quite a hype ahead of the Lok Sabha battle

Connecting the South Asia dots through common cultural heritage

How many people know that the Vishwakarma festival is not only celebrated across parts of India but in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan as well?