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The author is a veteran journalist who writes on diplomacy and politics. The views are personal.

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India’s Nepal conundrum amid a lengthening Chinese shadow

China’s arrival in South Asia has altered the region’s centre of gravity – a shift that will have lasting reverberations on Nepal and its ties with India

A Great Escape from Karachi - And an untold story!

Pakistan issued a warrant for the arrest of Frank Dewars after realizing that the unassuming Tamil-speaking First Secretary in the Indian High Commission in Karachi was actually a spymaster who played a key role in feeding top-secret information that caused Pakistan major setbacks in the 1965 war

Syama Prasad Mookerjee and his battle against Bengal Famine

Mookerjee lamented: “The Bengalis are about to become a race of beggars … Lakhs and lakhs of quiet households which once brimmed with joy have been wiped out without a trace.”

Will Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Tamil diaspora shake hands?

A section of the diaspora has taken a line that it needs to bury the past and open a line with India, which many blame for the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils, writes M.R. Narayan Swamy for South Asia Monitor

Why has the world stopped listening to Pakistan on Kashmir? A diplomat's lament

Basit’s account of his years in India is also a story of the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Pakistan's MoFA during his stint in New Delhi

The Terror Guardians: How Pakistan tripped the US in Afghanistan

The ISI’s guardianship of terror groups led to the inevitable Talibanisation of Pakistan at the cost of the secular space in politics, writes M R Narayan Swamy for South Asia Monitor

Trump: A president who shamed America

Rather than being scarred by his defeat, Trump has weaponized it. That’s why Trump might run again in 2024

Act East: A very long haul for India

Experts underline that the Act East policy can succeed only when India builds bridges with its immediate neighbors to play a constructive role in the evolving pan-Asian security architecture

How narcotics provided oxygen to the Afghan insurgency

The heroin from Afghanistan also made its way to Indian Kashmir, where the police caught Pakistani-trained militants carrying the drug

Ties soured by the China factor, Sri Lanka’s new policy document reaches out to India

The document seeks to achieve Sri Lanka’s foreign policy objective vis-à-vis India while coming closest to admitting that China has cast a long shadow over Colombo-New Delhi ties, writes M.R. Narayan Swamy for South Asia Monitor