Col Anil Bhat (retd)

Col Anil Bhat (retd)

About Col Anil Bhat (retd)

The writer is a strategic analyst and former spokesperson, Defence Ministry and Indian Army

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Six centuries of Sino-Indian confrontation

The book is unique as it packs some very important, significant, eye-opening and fascinating events

Stories from a soldier - not only about war

Each of the stories is around 5000 words essaying an easy conversational style, often culminating in an unexpected ending

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PM Modi also infused a sense of national pride, with the beginning of consciousness of India’s so far untaught and suppressed history of the Indian public and has done much in raising India’s image in the global arena

Army veteran entrepreneur produces much-needed arms and equipment for Indian armed forces

Alpha Design Technologies has already indigenously manufactured and supplied equipment for a wide range of tanks, missiles, helicopters and various weapons and is indigenously developing Software Defined Radios (SDRs)

Will Pakistan’s terror exports ever stop?

Senior Indian Army sources asserted that the Pakistani youth's plea for surrender, as soon as his mate was killed, was a definite indication that he was not so convinced about the 'jihad' narrative but had taken on the cross-border 'task' out of financial compulsion

Need for a multi-polar solidarity and holistic strategy to counter China

India's ability and potential to act as a geopolitical and geo-economic pivot to China, both in Asia and the world, has been well highlighted, both of which require greater focus on building economic heft

India launches website to connect Indians globally for country’s 75th I-Day celebrations

India has launched a website to serve as a platform for connecting Indians all over the world for the country’s coming 75th Independence Day celebrations

India needs to become drone-conscious to counter aerial cross-border threats

Not only was the use of a weaponized drone on the Jammu IAF base an act of war but a violation of the ceasefire agreement concluded by DGs, military operations, of India and Pakistan, effective from midnight, 24-25 February 2021, writes Col. Anil Bhat (Retd) for South Asia Monitor

Understanding of divine energy in our daily lives

In his literary works, Dr. Gupta takes a management approach to advancing sciences while explaining the hidden mysteries of nature, relationships of scientific advancements with the processes existing in mother nature

The riveting saga of hiccups, evolution and achievements of India's DRDO

The book reveals how DRDO’s growth/progress was hampered by bureaucratic apathy and politico-bureaucratic aims which often resulted in the organisation’s innovative projects being dumped, so that the required weapon/system could be imported with large kickbacks