Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi

Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi

About Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi

The writer is professor of political science at Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

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India's foreign policy a saga of commitment to universal moral values

India had to gear its foreign policy to play its desired role in international relations while maintaining its strategic autonomy and commitment to universal ideals and moral values

Global efforts, moral discourses and educational awareness must for combating terrorism

Terrorists and extremists need discourses in the inculcation of eternal moral values and practicing of yoga and meditation that can contribute immensely to attaining a perfect and balanced personality as described in ancient Indian classical texts, writes Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi for South Asia Monitor

Arnab Goswami: Investigative journalism vis-a-vis state vengeance

The essential requirement of democracy anywhere in the world is that it should be the government ‘of the people, by the people and for the people

Handling corona to tackling China, Modi has emerged as a global leader

It is only amidst critical hours that the capability will power, patience and presence of the mind of a leader is tested. In fact, the eight months long COVID-19 pandemic as well as China’s multiple intrusions along the Indo-China border or the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in April 2020 and consequent on-going standoff between the two armies…

A regional bulwark a must to contain China's designs in South China Sea

In fact, China’s rising imperialist aggressions and assertions over the South China Sea, followed by China-India standoff, have prompted the US to display its awe-inspiring military power in the disputed waters of this region

Containing China’s aggressions: Need for a united front

Indeed, China has gone astray from peaceful ascendance and has taken recourse to grabbing lands, maritime channels, and air space of many other countries

China's belligerence is creating global flashpoints

As it looks both China and the US are mutually preparing to face each other into a possible confrontation due to Beijing’s persisting forcible capture over the entire South China Sea, despite losing this claim in the International Court of Arbitration just a few years back

National issues were compromised in Delhi elections

The popular mandate in elections is always supreme in a democracy and must be respected in all circumstances

Jammu and Kashmir: Why revoking Art 370 was vital

The abolition of J&K’s special status will complete the ongoing process of annexation into the Indian Union, as it was a temporary provision, and will bring misguided and stone-pelting Kashmiri youth into mainstream politics, writes Sudhanshu Tripathi for South Asia Monitor


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