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Pakistan government sets up anti-rape crisis cells

In the wake of rising cases of rape, assault and sexual abuse in Pakistan, the Imran Khan government has decided to set up anti-rape crisis cells in every district of the country

Pakistan's opposition alliance excoriates military establishment over political interference

The opposition alliance in Pakistan, comprising at least 11 different political parties, has lashed out at the military establishment of the country, telling it not to interfere in political matters, besides accusing it of supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan

Now Pakistan likely to import cotton from India

It seems that the halted trade ties between India and Pakistan are on the verge of gradual restoration with Pakistan likely to import cotton from India

Despite brand dispute with India, Basmati rice not registered as Pakistan's local product

As the fight for the ownership and brand of Basmati rice between New Delhi and Islamabad continues in the European Union (EU), interestingly the commodity is not registered as Pakistan's local product

The dark reality of forced conversions in Pakistan

Forced conversions of Hindu and Christian girls have become a routine affair even as the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan continues to loudly proclaim that Pakistan is free for all religions