Is India missing the wood for the trees on China?

A homily uttered over a century ago - "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" by American philosopher George Santayana seems to ring true even today in the face of a prolonged stand-off with China on the northern borders

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ISI afflicted by same bungling and corruption as rest of Pakistan, says new book

The book called, "The Nine Lives of Pakistan", has been authored by Declan Walsh, the Cairo bureau chief of the New York Times

Bangladesh at 50: Development and Challenges

Bangladesh at 50: Development and Challenges. Edited by S Narayan and Sreeradha Datta. Publisher: Orient Black Swan. Pages 263.

Can India and China co-exist?

One mountain Two Tigers - India, China and the High Himalayas is edited by Shakti Sinha and is published by Pentagon Press. Pages: 201. Price: Rs. 795

India’s security and foreign policymaking has become more assertive, muscular

India’s Strategic and Security Concerns by Cmde C Uday Bhaskar. Published by Centre for Policy Studies; Reem Wisdom, New Delhi; 2020;  Pages 179;  Rs. 795

Regional cooperation needed in South Asia to face the pandemic

Unlike many other regions, South Asia is densely populated with one of the highest poverty levels in the world

Unraveling the working of India’s most powerful office

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has often evoked a sense of intrigue and awe among many in India. Considered as one of the most powerful offices in the country, it has been associated with unbridled power by those who view it from the outside

From Oberoi to Oyo: A compelling account of India's burgeoning hospitality industry

'From Oberoi to Oyo' by Penguin is a comprehensive account of the growth of the Indian hospitality industry. The author, Chitra Narayanan, who has been covering the Indian hospitality and tourism sector over the years for business media, makes it a refreshing and unputdownable read by packing in the incisive account of an industry watcher as well as sharing a series of personal experiences

'Democratic process should not be short-circuited in Kashmir'

India had committed an unpardonable sin by rigging elections in Jammu and Kashmir in 1987 and, thereby, inviting disaster, G. Parthasarathy,  former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, said in New Delhi

Trump ignorance of India-China border shocked Modi: Book

US President Donald Trump shocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi by telling him that India did not share a border with China and it set back ties between the two countries, according to a book on the presidency