To our contributors 

South Asia Monitor. - a resource on South Asia, a region of 1.8 billion people comprising India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan and Afghanistan  - seeks contributory articles from those specialising on or interested in or wanting to reach out to the region or to South Asia watchers globally on issues ranging from politics, foreign policy, development, economy, buisness, environment; country, bilateral or regional ties; social and human development/enagement issues; to culture, literature, sports and travel. . 

These articles/ commentaries should be of about 800-1000 words and should be well researched with a well argued point of view. We follow an independent editorial policy and, although we are based in New Delhi, we would like to give equal space to views from other South Asian countries as we would do to views from India, both for and against the establishment line on issues of contemporary interest. 

Our goal is to provide an unbiased and unprejudiced platform for debate and discussion on issues concerning or of relevance to South Asia and the nations that comprise it. .  

The editors of South Asia Monitor - and its holding institution, the Society for Policy Studies - reserve the right to accept or reject any contribution, without assigning any reason. Payment of honorarium for select articles is completely at the discretion of the editors. Unsolicited articles will not be paid for. 

Guidelines/regulations for contributors to South Asia Monitor

The website welcomes articles/ commentaries ranging between 800-1000 words and book reviews of 500-750 words. Longer pieces will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Give us an indicative headline of 6-8 words; this is subject to editorial approval and can be changed.
  • Please ensure that the spelling style you use-- American or British--is consistent throughout the write-up.
  • Please maintain a line gap between paras for easier editing.                  
  • Acronyms can be used but only after these have been expanded at first instance.
  • The article should contain a line at end giving desired designation/title and institutional affiliation as well as email. (Use the format:xxxx is Designation/Institution. He/She can be contacted at...... (email Id/twitter handle)
  • Postal Address and Mobile details (for office records only) should be given if you are contributing for the first time
  • Thumb nail photograph (to be displayed along with the article)
  • All submissions should be sent electronically, as attached word documents to
  • The subject line should be 'Article for South Asia Monitor'
  • The Editor reserves the right to take the final decision on the use of the article, any alterations required and its publication.
  • The copyright of the article rests with the South Asia Monitor/ Society for Policy Studies. Contributors will be sent an acknowledgement indicating the receipt of their article. If selected for publication, the contributors will be sent the link to their article which they are free to share on any medium so long as appropriate credits are given to the South Asia Monitor.