Lessons of COVID-19 for US and India: Need to invest in global public health, promote democratic norms

Both the US and India are remarkable democratic experiments and their ability to champion democratic norms and freedoms - rather than weaken them - will prove critical to global peace and prosperity in the years ahead, write Sohini Chatterjee & Swadesh Chatterjee for South Asia Monitor

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Agri reforms in India: What should be the true price of farm produce?

The wealth of a country comes from its land.  Around 55 percent of India’s population is connected with farming, writes Anil K Rajvanshi for South Asia Monitor 

A lend-lease charter with the US will bolster India's maritime security

An Indo-US Charter with a lend-lease clause on the lines of the Atlantic Charter in 1941 is the need of the hour, writes Cmde Ranjit B Rai (retd) for South Asia Monitor

Women’s safety in India is unattainable without change in mindset

Till such time that mothers, as well as families in India, don’t cease to feel a little less obsessed about that beloved male child, or they don’t bring an end to that entitled treatment showered on him more than he deserves, daughters of India will never be safe within the domestic boundaries or beyond, writes Anuja Saha for South Asia Monitor

Pakistan's Bollywood fixation reveals its society's fault lines

Pakistani media and celebrities from the entertainment world cannot help but follow Bollywood shenanigans, writes Mahendra Ved for South Asia Monitor

Pakistan’s new strategy against India: Rebranding terror group network in Kashmir to create unrest

Pakistan has begun introducing new pawns in its old chessboard through The Resistance Front (TRF); intending to trigger mass unrest in the valley by enhancing the insurgents' legitimacy through a 'secular' approach and creating strong militant footholds while keeping the Indian armed forces pre-occupied, writes  Aditya Gowdara Shivamurthy for South Asia Monitor

Time has stood still for India's police: Police must be reorganised and reformed

All is not well with India's police forces – in fact, there has been professional incompetence and callous insensitiveness in handling critical situations.  The police leadership did not rise to the occasion, writes Prakash Singh for South Asia Monitor 

A city known for its humour is now city of horror: Politics of rape in India

What now appears pretty loud and clear is that the tables have turned in the manner most foul, and the official guns are trained on the victim and her family instead of perpetrators of the monstrous crime, writes Sharat Pradhan for South Asia Monitor 

A record number of Indian Americans look to expand influence in US administration

The Indian American community has propelled its way to relevance in American politics over the past two decades. The representation of the community has increased at every level with each election cycle, writes Frank F. Islam for South Asia Monitor

Germany will remain a key partner in rebuilding Afghanistan

In 2012 Germany showed its commitment that they will not leave Afghanistan after 2014 and signed an agreement of strategic partnership with Afghanistan. writes Saifullah Ahmadzai for South Asia Monitor 

Gulf remittances to South Asia likely to be hit: Diaspora must be made a stakeholder

South Asians account for 15 million workers in these countries. The prospect now is for return migration back to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka which can only deepen the existing economic gloom in the region, writes N Chandra Mohan for South Asia Monitor

Jaswant Singh, a personal remembrance: Recounting a little-known story from the Kargil days

One of Jaswant Singh's finest meetings was with the New York Times editorial board, where members extensively asked about the Indian nuclear programme and why India wasn’t signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty. He patiently and firmly placed India’s position, writes Sanjoy Hazarika for South Asia Monitor

Harnessing renewable energy: Onus on South Asia

The energy situation in South Asia has been that it is primarily energy fuel deficient as all countries in the region are dependent on substantial imports of fuel, including coal, oil, and natural gas, to meet their growing energy needs, writes Partha Pratim Mitra for South Asia Monitor

India @70 has moved very far away from Bapu@150

Even as India has marked 70 years of the Republic in January,  the closure of the 150th birth anniversary  of Bapu reveals the degree to which the nation has moved away from the Gandhian spirit and ethos, writes C Uday Bhaskar for South Asia Monitor 

Building Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy: We must be the change we wish to see in the world

In the past few years, radical extremists have countered Mahatma Gandhi and his teaching and his preaching with acts of ‘war,’ ‘hate,’ and ‘violence,’ writes Frank F. Islam for South Asia Monitor

Understanding Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of ends and means

Gandhi said, means are foreseeable, ends are not. Thus, means can be controlled, managed and guaranteed, writes Ram Krishna Sinha for South Asia Monitor