Follies of India’s New Farmer Bills | SAM Conversation with Barun Mitra, Founder, Liberty Institute

Oct 02, 2020

Economist Barun Mitra discusses the three farming bills brought about by the government of India. He talks about the drawbacks of the three bills and how the authors of the bill seem oblivious to the concept of contract farming in India. He talks about the Agriculture Produce  Market Committees and the impact they have on MSPs. The conversation concludes with some of the lessons that can be learned from Bangladesh over the years.

Barun S. Mitra is the founder and director of the Liberty Institute, a non-profit, independent public policy research, and advocacy organization, based in New Delhi, India.

Table of Contents - 
1. The drawbacks of the three farmer bills - 03:40
2. The Onion ban - 06:23
3. Contract farming - 08:47
4. The Agriculture produce market committee - 15:43
5. Minimum support price - 20:13
6. Lessons from Bangladesh’s liberalization - 22:47

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