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127 Bhutanese return to the Middle East in chartered flight to resume jobs

A chartered Drukair flight today took back 127 Bhutanese to the Middle East to resume their jobs. Of the total, 24 Bhutanese are bound for Dubai and 103 for Kuwait

Pandemic triggers price hike of goods and services in Bhutan

With strenuous and expensive import conditions in the recent time after the lockdown relaxed, the cost of commodities have spiked in the Bhutanese market

India stops potato exports from Bhutan

Although Bhutan has been exporting potatoes to India for a long time now, it is not yet in the import list in India

Bhutan considers surcharge on fossil fuels, hiking vehicle registration fee and mineral royalty to meet revenue deficit

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the government coffers taking a major revenue hit. Under the current economic circumstances, the Ministry of Finance has calculated that of the projected Nu 33.2 bn domestic revenue in 2020-21 Financial year it will meet only 30.4 bn which is a Nu 2.8 bn internal revenue shortage

A second line of defence to prevent another national lockdown

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has issued a map with a red line across southern Bhutan from Samtse to Samdrupjongkhar that will be Bhutan’s second line of defence against COVID-19 given the rising risks along Bhutan’s southern borders

In Indian workers' absence, pandemic has been 'good business' for Bhutanese workers

For Dorji Gyeltshen, the year 2019 has been quite a bit different than millions of others in a way it affected his livelihood differently

2,000 Bhutanese register to work with hydro project after Indian workers left

Bhutanese, especially the youth have responded to what the economic affairs minister, Loknath Sharma called, “call of the nation,” as hundreds of Indian workers left from the Punatsangchhu-II hydroelectric project (PII) jeopardising the progress of the project

Export of wood-based products to save govt. Nu 3B

To rebuild the economy from the COVID-19 losses, the government is exploring measures to export wood-based products, which would save more than 3 billion (B) revenue losses from import of these products

Bhutan’s home minister convicted for fake insurance claim

A high court in Bhutan convicted the country’s home minister Sherub Gyeltsen for claiming false vehicle insurance for his Toyota Prado car

Hit by COVID-19, Bhutanese mulls exporting wood products

Dense forests and a clean environment have always been the top priorities for Bhutan. To safeguard its forests and environment, the Himalayan kingdom has significant restrictions in place on the cutting of its forests for wood

The Great Fourth King and Fifth King of Bhutan on Royal Tours amid the COVID-19 pandemic brought tears to many Bhutanese

The pictures of an elderly lady prostrating to the TV screen after seeing His Majesty granted audience to the students in the southern border area in Bhutan went viral and was shared on the social media platform

S’jongkhar declared a high-risk zone

Samdrupjongkhar COVID-19 task force declared all the 11 gewogs in Samdrupjongkhar as high-risk areas yesterday

Bhutan fourth parliament session begins on November 26

Parliament will kick off its much-delayed fourth session on November 26, the National Assembly secretariat notified yesterday

Bhutan plans to scrap 50% of all red tape to start business and will further liberalize FDI

In order to deal with the COVID-19 impact on the economy and enhance economic growth, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) will be leading efforts to remove various red tape, regulatory and licensing requirements to make it much faster and easier to do business in Bhutan

Bhutan’s film industry gets a training boost from South Korea

Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), which has been helping the Bhutan film Industry in building its capacity since 2013, on Wednesday started a 10-day capacity building training, though this time virtually