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India-US relations, Indian Americans will fare much better under Biden

On November 3, Americans will decide whether to give another four years to Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, or to give the Oval Office to former vice-president Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate

Bangladesh PM’s ‘martial law’ comment reflects people’s deeply held belief

The blunt statement on September 7 of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a virtual meeting with the Armed Forces Selection Board—that "we should exclude Martial Law from military lexicon"—was both surprising and refreshing

Pakistan’s centuries-old Bakarwal community faces dual threat

Even as the summer drew to an end in the last week of July, the snow had not completely melted in the pastures of Deosai in northern Pakistan

Bangladeshi fishers cannot find Hilsa in peak season

“Half the season is gone. Where are the Hilsa?” asked Abu Jaher, a 40-year-old fisher from Samraj in Bangladesh’s coastal district Bhola. “There was a 65-day ban on fishing

Can Pakistan go beyond chemical pesticides for locust control?

Pakistan is facing one of its biggest threats yet from crop-ravaging locusts, which have dire consequences for the livelihoods and food security of millions of people

Biogas makes big waves in rural Bhutan

Bhim Maya, a 72-year-old farmer in Hangey village in Samtse, is unconcerned about the spiraling price of cooking gas. Her small biogas plant has freed her of dependence on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

Two-thirds of glacier ice in the Himalayas will be lost by 2100 if climate targets aren't met

In the world of glaciology, the year 2007 would go down in history. It was the year a seemingly small error in a major international report heralded huge changes in our understanding of what was happening to the Himalayan glaciers

Coronavirus: how countries aim to get the vaccine first by cutting opaque supply deals

The University of Oxford recently published promising news about the results from the phase one/two trials of the vaccine it is developing for COVID-19

Who owns groundwater in water-stressed Pakistan?

Pakistan ranks fourth in the world in terms of annual groundwater abstraction – the amount of water taken from an underground source

Can neutral status protect Afghanistan from foreign interference?

Afghanistan, a non-aligned country, was a founder of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Belgrade, the capital of the former country Yugoslavia in 1961

Why are bees dying en masse in Bhutan?

There is a Nepali saying, “Wise action is the fruit of life, wise discourse is the pollination.” This was one of the many things about pollination that Sonam Dorji, from Bhutan’s central district of Bumthang, heard from his grandparents

Bangladeshi workers stranded in Vietnam on false promises

As trafficking of Bangladeshis to Vietnam came to the fore after 27 stranded nationals demonstrated in Hanoi last week, 15 others are crying out to be rescued from the Southeast Asian country

A tale of misplaced priorities

It's mind-boggling to think of a situation where there is an urgency, poor people are in dire need, and money is in the hands of the government allocated to help those in need, but the money is not being distributed properly

Sending international students home would sap US influence and hurt the economy

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, made a decision on July 6 regarding international students in the U.S. that will affect far more than just the roughly 870,000 international students themselves

They must end this senseless violence now

Canada and Australia join others in the international community in condemning the escalation of violence across Afghanistan