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Crime against women in India: Time to teach moral education from young age

The recent assault and abuse of a poor and innocent woman in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh has justifiably raised nationwide concern and condemnation

That is Life

Just interludes of joy and happiness

IPL in the times of COVID- 19: The not so visible visibilities

Here we are then, the IPL has got firmly embedded in our collective and individual consciousness. Daily routines are configured now to cater for the timings. Time to get updated on some lesser-known aspects

Jaswant Singh, a personal remembrance: Recounting a little-known story from the Kargil days

One of Jaswant Singh's finest meetings was with the New York Times editorial board, where members extensively asked about the Indian nuclear programme and why India wasn’t signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty. He patiently and firmly placed India’s position, writes Sanjoy Hazarika for South Asia Monitor

Seats of Power: Much ado about Nothing

Seats of Power, red and white houses

Spinning the wheel of hope on October 2

India may be considering itself a regional power but is still far from being a global power

IPL in the times of COVID- 19: The changing face

It’s a different ball game, this Indian Premier League (IPL) - the world's most popular and most lucrative T20 league - for the players and the spectators as all parties have realised

The Truth of Nothingness

Beyond what I can see with the naked eye

Cash-less Life, why not War-less Life?

Cash-less life is a good life

Don’t Build Walls, Build Bridges

Break down the boundaries

Activism should be a positive force in society; should not spread negativism and hate

Activism is a glorious concept, which means that activists are defenders of  what they perceive to be truth, courageous persons who stand up to the cause dear to their heart at any cost and honest crusaders who would dispassionately analyse the happenings and events and  take a firm stand

South Asian countries must act now against trans-fat: WHO

Fifteen countries, including five in South Asia, account for approximately two-thirds of the worldwide deaths linked to trans fat intake, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said

9/11- A tale of two contrasting events: Is there a lesson learned?

September 11 was the day a Hindu seer, from the most ancient order of monks in the world, unveiled a grand vision of religion before the world. The monk was Swami Vivekananda, the place, the city of Chicago in the US, and the year was 1893

India’s China policy is defensive and lacks clarity

Speaking in a meeting on August 28, 2020, India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar had said that “realism should shape India’s China policy.”

Pandemic severely impacts SDG 12 targets; Asia-Pacific region unlikely to meet goals

‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns’ – is Sustainable Development Goal 12