Biden Administration will seek to mediate between India and China: Democratic Congressman Himes at GOPIO event

Describing the situation on the India-China border as "very serious", US Congressman Jim Himes, a Democrat from the state of Connecticut, said if elected to power the Joe Biden Administration will continue to offer mediation between India and China

Oct 12, 2020

Describing the situation on the India-China border as "very serious", US Congressman Jim Himes, a Democrat from the state of Connecticut, said if elected to power the Joe Biden Administration will continue to offer mediation between India and China. Himes referred to the efforts by the Trump administration to mediate between India and China and hoped that both the nations “accept the offer to mediate by the US Administration.”  

Rep. Himes was addressing an interactive session via Zoom, organized by the GOPIO-CT Chapter last week.  He called for serious and significant dialogue between two Asian giants. 

In his opening remarks, GOPIO International Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham, a veteran diaspora organiser and mobiliser, sought clarification from the Democratic Party Congressman on “US-India Relations in a Democrat Administration especially policy on India-China Border Clashes.”

Calling on both the counties to be “careful with each other” in their approach and not to escalate the situation between the two nuclear-armed nations, Himes said, “This is an important opportunity for both the nations to address” and resolve the border tensions. Referring to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as someone whose strength is in foreign policy, Himes said, “The Joe Biden Administration will continue to offer mediation” between India and China. 

Himes serves on the US Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans, a forum in which members of Congress can address the issues central to the US relationship with this important South Asian nation. By promoting dialogue on issues of interest to the Indian-American community, the Caucus strives to strengthen bilateral relations between the United States and India, promote trade with India, enhance economic development in India and the United States, as well increase anti-terrorism cooperation.

Abraham initiated the discussion by raising the “H1 and H4 visa issues and what you expect in Biden Administration, if he wins the election, especially for the need to clear the backlogs of pending Immigration numbers for our community.” Responding to these concerns that were shared in a series of questions by GOPIO leaders on immigration issues, Himes referred to the numerous presidential orders being challenged in courts. He hoped that there will be a change, which will be a reversal in status and get back to comprehensive immigration reform. 

Referring to the Trump policy on denying work visas to spouses of H1B visa holders, Himes asked, “What good is it that if the spouses of the H1B visa holders cannot work under H4 visas?’

On the Green Card backlog, Himes said, attracting skilled laborers is “central to our economy.” On a question, regarding the discussions about the country-based quota not being used and unused visas could be used to allow Green Cards to other qualified individuals who are caught in the backlog for Green Card approval, Himes was unsure if the Biden Administration will embrace the policy.

Himes called for a new dialogue between the two major parties to create a comprehensive new immigration policy that addresses the needs of the nation and millions who are awaiting a solution to the challenges. While criticizing the Trump regime’s policy of favoring the people of higher income groups while offering visas, Himes said, “The  Biden Administration will be more open to immigration” which is more compassionate and understanding of the needs of the nation and those of the immigrants.

Himes also sought suggestions from GOPIO-CT participants on the Kashmir issue. On that, Abraham said that the people of India whole heartedly supported the steps taken by the Modi administration to make Kashmir people full participants like other citizens of India and complimented Prime Minister Modi for the new initiatives in education and development of Kashmir.

The program began with a welcome by GOPIO-CT President Ashok Nichani who said that Rep. Himes is a great supporter of GOPIO and the Indian community. The Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) serves as a non-partisan, secular, civic, and community service organization promoting awareness of Indian culture, customs, and contributions of PIOs through community programs, forums, events, and youth activities. It seeks to strengthen partnerships and create an ongoing dialogue with local communities.

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