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SCO membership will facilitate India, China, Pakistan cooperation
In the backdrop of the unfolding big power rivalry in the Eurasian theatre, India should take note of the geopolitical drivers which has shaped the evolution of SCO and carefully manoeuvre in the heartland for long term benefits, write Joshy M. Paul and Soundarya J for South Asia Monitor
Modi-Trump summit: Hugs, business and support for India
From a visit that had begun with "low expectations", given the unpredictability factor of the current President, the Indians have more than one reason to smile. They  prepared well, read astutely the signals from the White House. especially issues and emotions that move and motivate Trump, and set the right frame for the meeting by making big-ticket business moves with the US tha
Making India's Muslim women change agents through education
Too many Muslim families are trapped in poverty because of a lack of education. With her own education, the woman can educate and equip her children to escape that trap, writes Frank F Islam for South Asia Monitor

First Modi-Trump meeting: Will...

Modi and Trump pride themselves on being natural deal-makers. It will be instructive to  mon...


India’s publishing industry bo...

The publishing industry in India is set to boom on the back of available technology and resources...


India and US: Ready for the Tr...

The US is the country Modi has visited the most, signifying the importance his government attache...


Why have India’s trade negotia...

India is in favour of envisaging the new Bilateral Investment Treaty under the larger framework o...


A Trumpian tango Author Name FEW had set a high bar for the summit meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump this we...

By naming Salahuddin, is Trump mediating in Kashmir? Author Name It was like an Eid gift from US president Donald Trump to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. The Muslims of the sub...

Regaining trust Author Name Since November 8 last year, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been facing a credibility crisis. It had to deal with...

What they don’t get Author Name Two academics in quick succession have pounced on statements made by the army chief, General Bipin Rawat, and critici...

India’s huge healthcare challenge - and opportunity No Image India added 450 million people over 25 years from 1991 to 2016, during which the proportion of people living in poverty fell by half.

Call It By Its Name Author Name Last week, Makram Khan, a British Muslim, was stabbed to death in a vicious hate crime in London. Immediately, the en...

Increasing violence

Explosions, suicide attacks, attacks on security forces and killing civilians have been almost happening every day in different areas of Afghanistan that was expected to be at least calm during ...

Tragedy strikes again

DESPICABLE attacks in Quetta and Parachinar yesterday — one of the most sacred days of Ramazan — have caused a terrible loss of life and injury.


Perennial shortages

Some remote districts produce far less food than their requirements, so they are labeled as food-deficit districts.

A prayer for Eid

Eid is a time for celebration and reflection. It is a time when we take stock of all the lessons we have learned over the holy month of Ramadan, as we mark its passing with our family and friend...


Drug menace; parents, listen to your children

Yesterday was the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, with the United Nations in a statement saying its intention is to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the...

Dalit vs Dalit

  The word “Dalit” refers to castes stigmatised in the socio-economic, political and cultural discourse of Indian society. The “untouchables”, until the C...


Blogger’s killing shows danger of Maldive extremism

To the outside world, the Maldives is synonymous with romantic beach tourism. But the calm azure waters of the Indian Ocean belie a conflict between tourist idyll and reality.

Cut the supply line

Drug abuse and illicit trafficking of controlled substances (cannabis and pharmaceutical opioids) are among the growing issue in the country today.


spotlight image A career diplomat, Chitranganee Wagiswara, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, is the first woman to be the island nation’s envoy to India. As Foreign Secretary, she was Sri Lanka’s top diplomat for 18 months before being posted to New Delhi.
"Look forward to welcoming India's PM Modi to @WhiteHouse on Monday. Important strategic issues to discuss with a true friend!" US President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival for a three-day official visit. 
“Prime Minister Modi and President Trump found some common ground on international security and economic growth.
With weird concoction like "Beer Yoga" getting popular as the next big international fitness craze, the ancient art of inner blossoming is seemingly going topsy-turvy. And as yoga hogs the limelight on its third International Day, the loud call for saving the spirit of the ancient and modern practice can't be swept under
“We cannot allow the state brutality to which we are subjected each day snatch our humanity and values,” the Mirwaiz said, asking: “What will be the difference between them and us then?”
India First meets America First and agree Pakistan is third-rate. The most tangible consequence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden summit with the United States president, Donald Trump, has been the blacklisting of the Hizbul Mujahideen leader, Syed Salahuddin, and an agreement both countries should go after terrorist safe
The city of Marawi in the south of the Philippines has been engulfed by a deadly, ongoing siege since late May, when government forces began to take on heavily armed militants linked to the Islamic State. Local media estimate the death toll to be above 300. Over 200,000 residents have fled what has effectively become an urban battlefie
The Iraqi city of Mosul this week celebrates its first Eid free of the oppressive rule of the self-styled Islamic State (IS) in three years.
President Donald J. Trump hosted Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India at the White House on June 26 for an official visit to Washington, D.C.

Title: Reporting Pakistan; Author: Meena Menon; Publisher: Viking/Penguin Random House; Pages: 340; Price: Rs 599


  A former Indian civil servant, who is currently a professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Duke University, US spent long periods in distant villages and city slums of India. The result? A scholarly book that presen...


  Title: The Exile; Author:  Cathy Scott-Clark & Adrian Levy; Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing; Pages: 640; Price: Rs 699


Jim Corbett was a British-Indian hunter and tracker-turned-conservationist, author and naturalist; who started off as an officer in the British army and attained the rank of a colonel. Frequently called in to kill man-eating tigers or leopards,...


Title: Bollywood Boom; Author: Roopa Swaminathan; Publisher: Penguin; Price: Rs 399; Pages: 221

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