Left unchecked, Pakistan will grow into a threat to international peace, says India

India slammed Pakistan at the UNHRC in Geneva, terming it "a failed state" with no regard for values and culture of democracy

Sep 25, 2020

India slammed Pakistan at the UNHRC in Geneva, terming it "a failed state" with no regard for values and culture of democracy.

India in its right to reply pointed out that Pakistan's charade of running with the hare and hunting with the hound was hard to miss.

Exercising India's Right of Reply in response to "mendacious statement" delivered by Pakistan at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Vimarsh Aryan, First Secretary, MEA, said it is very unfortunate to witness incessant and insensible ranting by Pakistan on issues that are extraneous to the mandate of this Council and which relate to the internal affairs of India.

"Pakistan as a state is a threat not only to religious and ethnic minorities within Pakistan and in the illegally occupied territories of India, but if left unchecked by the international community it will grow on to become a threat to the international peace and harmony. The malafide intent that drives Pakistani deep state is in total contradiction to the objectives and principles that we all have gathered to promote, in this temple of human rights," he said.

"Pakistan's sole objective as a member of this Council is to distract the attention of the international community from serious human rights violations committed by it against its own people, and in Indian territories occupied by it," Aryan said.

Aryan said Pakistan is epicentre of global terrorism and a strong proponent of mono-ethnic culture and mono-ethnic dominance and "is violating every single international treaty and declaration on human rights as we speak".

The Indian envoy said in these extraordinary times of pandemic when everyone is putting on a mask for the safety and protection of fellow human beings, Pakistan "unfortunately is using another kind of pernicious mask to masquerade as a champion of human rights that it itself violates egregiously by torturing and persecuting minorities".

Aryan said the deep state of Pakistan pretends to speak for the rights of human beings but unleashes state-sponsored cross-border terrorism against it and ruthlessly targets innocent lives.

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