Prime Minister Narendra Modi (right) meets with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina (left), at Hyderabad House, in New Delhi(Photo:PIB)

In the absence of water-sharing deal, India should help Bangladesh with Teesta water management

Building a reservoir on the Teesta will help Bangladesh create a climate-resilient infrastructure which will be useful in better managing the common river water.

Bangladesh making steady progress in ensuring labor rights (Photo: Twitter)

Bangladesh making steady progress in ensuring labor rights

Functioning trade unions, decreasing number of child labourers and the introduction of labour courts and foundations are demonstrations of the extraordinary achievements of Bangladesh in ensuring labour rights.

Ministry of External Affairs

Foreign policy in a divided world: Will India rise to the occasion?

Today, several other countries are gaining greater respect and acceptability in the comity of nations. India, certainly, is one of them. What is perhaps likely to happen is that global leadership would be a shared responsibility.

Rohingya refugees in Delhi (Photo: Twitter)

India badly needs a refugee policy: Harsh treatment of Rohingya goes against international principles

For a country that embraces the principle of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (“The World is One Family”), and is often referred to by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Vishwaguru (“Teacher of the World”), the discriminatory and hostile treatment meted out to the Rohingya is not only against its ethos but also makes for bad optics on the world stage. 

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